How to Make Zucchini Squash

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Making zucchini squash requires things like butter beans, red onions and leeks. Make zucchini squash with help from a chef, nutritional health counselor and crusader for better school food in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Diane Hoch of The Food Evolution. Today, we're going to talk about how to make zucchini squash, and we're actually going to make a zucchini saute with butter beans. We're going to pair our zucchini squash today, with leeks, butter beans, red onions, a little bit of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, fresh thyme. I know a lot of people aren't so familiar with leeks. So, I just want to show you what it is actually and how to cut one. So, we're going to just cut the bottom off and we really cut it where it starts turning light green. Because the leeks start getting tougher at that point, and it's not something that you want to use in sauteing. So, we're going to set that aside. Because leeks do grow in the soil, there's quite a bit of dirt in them that can get int there. And so, we cut it down, I slice it in half, not all the way, but open, so that fan it and really look for the dirt. You see, there's a little dirt in there and so, we would just rinse that off. So, we're going to start this process here, by sauteing in a nice pan, turn that on. I like to use stainless steel when I cook and this is a stainless steel pan, which we're going to heat. And then, we're going to use olive oil. So, we're going to saute this in a nice extra virgin olive oil. So, we're going to put our red onions in, red onions are nice and sweet, love those. So, we're cooking down the onions, so they're translucent, I'm going to add our leeks in. And I just love leeks, so we're going to add some sea alt, a nice pink Himalayan sea salt, I love. We're going to add some black pepper, cooking to add a really nice ingredient, apple cider vinegar. As I said, it's so good for gut health, really good for you. When it's sour,we're going to do a little sweetness too, got to have sweet. And maple syrup is nice, it's just a tablespoon, just a tad for this whole dish. Why don't we put our fresh thyme in here too, just some fresh thyme. O.k., so, we've cooked this down and now, we're going to add both the green zucchini and yellow squash, um. I wanted to add something to this recipe that gave it some more protein, and that would be the butter bean. Now, I use canned butter beans, butter beans are so nice. Add some water to it, you can hear the sizzle, so it's still cooking. We're going to add water, we're going to cover this dish and we're going to let all the flavors steam up and steam that zucchini squash. Which really is only going to take another two to three minutes to cook. And then, voilà, you have a great dish. So, I'm going to serve this on top of a red quinoa. And red quinoa is also quite a nice texture, you could even put it around the sides, which looks really pretty. And here you have a beautiful vegetarian meal. Yum, this is so good, full of real foods, whole foods, protein, fiber, iron, phyto-nutrients. This is just a terrific way to make zucchini squash, sauteed with butter beans, on top of red quinoa. I'm Diane Hoch, thank you for coming and watching this video. I hope that you choose to make it yourself and stay tuned for more great recipes, thanks.


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