Dinner Ideas With Zucchini & Squash

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Many different healthy dinners can be made around zucchini and squash. Get dinner ideas that make ample use of zucchini and squash with help from a chef, nutritional health counselor and crusader for better school food in this free video clip.

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Hi, this Diane Hoch of The Food Evolution. Today, we're going to talk about dinner ideas with zucchini and squash. And we have a great recipe for you, it's a quinoa salad with roasted beets and chick peas. That is just perfect to stuff into different varieties of zucchini, squash. And I know, you're just going to love it. The ingredients we're going to use today, an acorn squash, we're going to do a green zucchini, and we're going to use quinoa, red onions, chick peas, beets, which we're going to roast in beautiful coconut oil and fresh oregano. Turmeric, salt, pepper, fresh parsley. Qunioa, spelled, Q, U, I, N, O, A, some people pronounce quinoa, but it's really it's really qunioa. We boil, the same as rice, two to one. So, I have water boiling, so boil the water, we put the quinoa in there. And then, in 15 minutes, voilà, that's quinoa, yummy. So, we're going to heat up some coconut oil in our pan. Wait till it gets a little hot, but you can see, we've melted it first, so it's liquid. And then, we're going to saute our onions in there. I already pre-roasted the beets, by the way. So, what I did was,laid it out on a parchment lined baking sheet. I mixed a cup of the beets with a tablespoon of coconut oil and two tablespoon of fresh oregano. So, here you go, we're going to saute down red onion. So, our onions are sauteed down a bit and you can see, they're a little translucent, looking nice. And we're going to add, you know what, let's add turmeric. Turmeric is such a wonderful spice, it's medicinal properties are really incredible. So, that's a super food, a super spice right there. We're going to add chick peas, you can use canned or fresh. I'm really o.k., if you use canned, just make sure that it's BPA free. We're going to add our beets and they're already roasted. So, by the time they go in there, oh, my gosh, look that beautiful color, incorporate all that in. And then, I don't know why, I'm going to add a little more salt and pepper. I just like the way it looks to do that, actually. So, we have our quinoa, so our cooked quinoa is going to go right in the pan. And the beauty of this, is that you're going to de-glaze all the flavor of the coconut oil, the onions the fresh herbs from the beets, right into the pan. And you can just turn this right off, because you don't need, you don't need it to be, it's already cooked. Alright, so, really nice, and you're just mixing it all in, look how pretty that is, right. For the finishing touch on this recipe, I love fresh parsley. If you see any of my recipes, I usually, I'm adding fresh parsley, cilantro, herbs to my food. Look at this, a nice half a cup. Parsley adds calcium, phytonutrients, fiber, and it's a live food. It just has this burst of energy to it, when you eat it, as well as, look at the color on that, that is so pretty. And we're going to go ahead and stuff that, you know, so you can stuff it nice and full, make it round, whatever falls off, look pretty. If you want to add you know, some touches in there, yourself. So, look at this beautiful platter. What a wonderful way to show your family that you care about them, show you guests how beautiful you can cook. Gosh, healthy dinner ideas with zucchini and squash, this is just beautiful. I'm Diane Hoch from The Food Evolution, thank you for joining me and I hope you make this recipe. Let me know how it turns out, thanks.


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