Red Quinoa & Poblano Salad

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red quinoa and poblano salad includes ingredients like cilantro, black beans and delicious chives. Make red quinoa and poblano salad with help from a chef, nutritional health counselor and crusader for better school food in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Diane Hoch from The Food Evolution. Today, we're going to be making a red quinoa and roasted poblano salad. What a terrific salad it is. We're going to be using a red quinoa, cilantro, black beans. We have chives, the roasted poblano peppers, lemon juice, corn, cumin, garlic and red onion, of course olive oil for sauteing. So in a saute pan over medium heat we put olive oil and we're going to add red onions to it. So we're going to add some diced red onion and saute a little bit, some garlic. We have minced garlic, a nice tablespoon of minced garlic. Garlic is so good in everything. I'm a big fan of everything. It's a great food, you know, anti viral, anti inflammatory, anti microbial, all those great things, just kills the bad stuff in your body. We're going to saute that down a little bit and add the cumin. Cumin is a wonderful spice. I love cumin and it just is like that Southwestern flavor and it adds some spice in there, corn, so I use a frozen corn, a nice organic corn and it's frozen. I like the color of frozen corn and the consistency and there you go. I'm also going to add in some lemon juice. What a nice zing to that. I love citrus in foods it just pops the flavors so nice and of course, our great ingredient, we have poblanos. So we're going to add the poblanos in because you want that flavor. And chives, chives are great. They add more green, more flavor. So here we have the basis for the flavors in this dish, cook them down and now I'm going to add our black beans in there. So here is our red quinoa, that's already cooked and we're adding this in. I love the fact that quinoa is a complete protein. It has all eight essential amino acids. Here you go adding beans to it as well so you are adding flavor to this dish and this is a really nutrition packed dish that I love and easy. When I think of red quinoa and roasted poblano salad I think Southwestern. I think the corn, the chives, the black beans and I also think of avocados. I find a beautiful avocado and put some avocado on the plate. So here is your finished red quinoa and roasted poblano salad. Look how beautiful that is, all the colors, all the components of a healthy excellent meal that's both nourishing, good for you and the presentation is just beautiful. I'm so glad that you watched this video. I hope it's inspired you to make this dish yourself. I'm sure you're going to love it and come check back for some more recipes really soon. Thank you.


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