How to Tie a Cowboy Scarf

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The materials you'll need to tie a cowboy scarf include a standard bandana. Tie a cowboy scarf with help from a professional crafter of over ten years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Jennifer. I have been in the crafting industry for over 10 years, and today I am going to be demonstrating for you how to tie a cowboy necktie. The materials you'll need for this project is a standard bandana. You can get them in any discount stores. They are very popular in crafting right now so they are very, very cheap. They won't cost you a lot of money. You can get any color that you would like. Or you can head out to your favorite fabric store and get enough material to make a 22 by 22 inch fabric square. The only thing when you are getting your material you are not going to want something that is too slippery. Because that's not going to make a good knot for you when you are tying your cowboy necktie. So lets begin. If you want to make a cowboy necktie all you are going to do is take your 22 inch square or bandana and fold it in half to make a triangle. And you don't have to be worried about making a perfect edges or not. Because the way that this is going to lay on your neck or the neck of your little cowboy that you are making this necktie for. The folds will hide any discrepancies in the fabric. And the same would be true for the fabric that you bought. When you cut it out you don't need to make perfect edges. You don't have to worry about you know getting that perfectly lined up because it's really going to be hidden in the fold of that fabric. So I'm going to take the bandana first. After you fold that into the triangle you are just going to want to loop it under your chin. And you are going to want to tie it in the back. I'm just going to turn around so you could see. It's just tied and tied again to make a knot. And then you are just going to kind of want to fluff it out a little bit. And now sometimes if you want to look maybe a little more authentic you are going to maybe want to put it to the side. And so that's how that looks with the bandana. And I'm going to demonstrate the material I have is a little bit thicker. But it will still be great for your purposes. And you are just going to do the same thing again. However you are going to notice with this fabric that it's a little bit larger of a cowboy look. You are going to want to tie it twice again to make that stable. You don't want that coming off on you. So you are going to just tie it twice. And then again just kind of fluff it up a little bit. And if you want to put it to the side you can. Now if you want a couple of other added touches for this project, if you have a little pink cowgirl look you might want to head out and put a little hat with that in matching colors. Or the little cowboy in your life add a hat. The other thing you could do is cut out a star shape out of paper and then you could be a little sheriff. So I hope that this was helpful to you in how to discover how to tie a cowboy necktie.


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