How to Straighten Your Hair Without It Getting Greasy

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Just because you want to straighten your hair doesn't mean it is going to get greasy. Straighten your hair without it getting greasy with help from a hair specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Melissa Medina and I'm Dayana Medina, the Medina-Cardona Sisters, Owner of 3 Hair and Makeup, Los Angeles. Today, we're going to demonstrate how to straighten your hair without getting it greasy. The things that you're going to need is a shampoo; this shampoo is pre-prepared with baking soda to take out the grease of the hair. In the previous video, we show how to do the treatment. So, check it out. "Aerosol hairspray", to protect, "a spray, an aerosol form is better to protect the heat than an oil form because that will create grease in your hair." "Mostly everybody use the, the oils to prevent heat", or the serums, "You, or the serums, you want to make sure that you use a can aerosol. They don't have oils in your hair", oil, you just want to protect your hair from the heat. "From the heat." And it's going to create like more bouncy and stylish hair without making it flat or greasy, "Or greasy." We're going to use our comb and we're going to use a flat iron. This flat iron, can you see we use it a lot. "And also it help, it's important that when you choose your flat iron, that it have a temperature control because some flat irons when you have that on and off button at all is way too high sometimes if you have fine hair." "You want to set it all down, and it will burn, "Normally, flat irons are for 450, but if you have really fine hair, you want to go 350", 350, "Or, you, if you go above 350, if you have fine hair, you, you would do it really fast, make sure you don't overdo it." Okay. So, today, I'm going to be demonstrating with Dayana's hair how you're going to section the hair and flat iron it. Usually, what I recommend to all the customer is to wash your hair, have your hair prepared very clean and then do a quick blow dry, like a, a fast blow dry. You don't need to section it, just like fast, "And", basic blow dry, "Yes", no matter, no matter, "Use up a flat brush, we prefer to use a flat brush if you have curly hair because then you're not creating so much stress with the flat iron." And it also matters if it's like all frizzy because you're going to take care of that with the flat iron. "Yes." It's also like a, a healthier way to have smooth hair. "Yes." Okay. "Make sure that you take away a little bit curl so that you don't have that, that much curl; like you know, know, you know wash your hair and then let it air dry with all the curls and, and then create all the stress with the flat iron trying to get it all the ", you need to work harder to take out the waves, "Yes." So, all what I'm going to do is I'm going to is I'm going to section, you can use clip, but I do this all the time, so, I don't need that much to clips. You're going to turn the flat iron, wait that it's hot, and then you're going to just apply, "They, the, the can", sorry, the heat protection, and then you're going to smooth it out with your flat iron. You can do it three times, but do it slightly, don't pressure too much because you don't want to create breakage in your hair or split ends. The harder that you do it, the more that you damage your hair. You don't want to work with the pressure of the flat iron. What you're working is the heat and we have already the heat, so go soft and then you're going to have straight hair. You see? Then you take another section, you create a clean, smooth, "A spray is really important for the heat", that's the heat protection, "Hmmm". Then you take the flat iron, very soft and here you have smoother version of Dayana's hair. "And you will have a flat-ironed hair without the grease", or without weighing the hair down. "We just did a demonstration of", how to get your hair straight and smooth without making it greasy. Bye.


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