How to Do Hairstyles in a Bun With Curlers

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When doing hair styles in a bun with curlers, you're always going to want to keep a few key things in mind. Find out how to do hair styles in a bun with curlers with help from a hair specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dayana Medina,. And I'm Melisse Medina we are The Medina Cardona Sisters. Owners of Three Hair Makeup in Los Angeles. Today, we're going to demonstrate how to do a bun with curly hair, with curls. In a ponytail, so. In a ponytail. So, basically, we're going to do a ponytail first, and then when the ponytail is already done, then she's going to do. A bun. With curls. And curls. O.k., so, you will need workable hairspray, brush, this is a hard brush, a back combing brush, and a soft brush and a lot of bobby pins. O.k., and you will need, also a rubber band with a pin. You put a rubber band and you will put two bobby pins on each side, o.k. You will start where you want to, decide, the bun. This time we want to do a side bun, it's very fashionable, everybody is using it. Rally soft, we want to look really soft and romantic. We are going to divide the hair on the side, to create more balance. We comb it a little bit to the side, she has a little bit of bangs, that we're going to take advantage of that. And we're going to leave some pieces, lots of pieces around her face. O.k., we're going to take the hair, especially on this side, because we prefer to do the bun right on this side, this side. We're going to clean this area, comb it with the, you can use a hard brush for it. because we want it to be a little bit, to look a little bit dramatic. We're going to bunch the hair on this side, comb it, you can use your fingers too, if you want a softer look. I'm going to be using the fingers in this side of the bun, because I want it to be a softer look in this area. In this, on the other side, I want a cleaner look. Like more sleek. More sleek. On this side of the bun, I want it to be a little more messy. So, we're going to create a little bit more contrast. Contrast on it. I'm going to comb it with my hands, I, this, I want to start the bun in this side, right below her ear lobe. Below the ear. I'm going to use my pre-done rubber band with the bobby pins. Pin the bun, I'm going to secure the pin in the hair, really tight, I turn around with the rubber band, hold it in place. And I'm going to criss-cross the previous bobby pin for a secured look. When you criss-cross the ponytail, the bobby pins, you will decide how you want to approach the side ponytail. You see, I want to create more lose parts, I mean that, I'm gong to comb it, pull it a little bit out. It's a little bit too tight for my liking on this side. So, the tighter the ponytail, the better face lift that you're going to get. The double advantage. The looser, the looser the ponytail, the looser the ponytail, the more romantic look that you're going to use. The look you're going to have. I love this look, it's very easy to do and looks very dressed-up, and you can use like, chandelier earrings. Yes, and right now, the hair is curled, but I want a little bit more dramatic hair right here. Then, I use my curling iron. Nine inch curling iron. One inch curling iron is about right. It depends, on how loose you want the curls. And you're just going to, I'm going to wrap it around with my fingers. You can use hairspray before or after the curl, it depends, how much, how strong you want your curl. Hold and you place, wait, like about half a minute. Let it go and you'll have like a nice curl on it. You're going to use a bobby pin for it, because you're doing that curly bun, hold it in place. And then, you can just create some parts, more defined with the curls, and some parts just let it, how it is, she has, her is really curly,her natural hair is curly. We're just taking advantage of her natural texture in her hair. The more loose and natural that you get, that you want the look, the more pieces that you're going to let, like hanging and just like oops. And oops. I just went to bed and woke up in the morning, and I just have like a messy bun. This look, you don't need too many bobby pins or too many holds. You can take all these parts in the bottom, tuck it in, pony, bobby pin, hold in place. And then, when you have all the look together, you will just spray. The good thing about, to do our curly bun, is that you don't need to structure it much. It's really easy, it's how you feel that it's. Your hair is falling. Is falling, falling really natural, nothing too, a structure. That is our demonstration of. Our ponytail with curls. With curls.


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