How to Add Volume to Hair Using Hairspray

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Hairspray is a great tool to have around, especially if you're trying to add volume to your hair. Add volume to hair using hairspray with help from a hair specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Dayana Medina, and I'm Melisse Medina, The Medina Cardona Sisters. Owner of Three Hair Makeup in Los Angeles. Today, we're going to do a demonstration of how to get volume in your hair without using back combing, just using hairspray. Hairspray. And hairspray is better, because sometimes the backcombing, if you do that too hard, you may break your hair. With hairspray, it's easy after you do your style, go out. The next day, you just want to brush it out, use conditioner. Use conditioner. Sometimes if the hairspray is too hard, I recommend just to go ahead and wet your hair and put conditioner in your hair, instead of brushing it. If it's just a light hairspray, then you can just brush it out and go by your day. You can just wash it the next day, or if you feel like, the following day, you can wash it. O.k., first, what we're going to do, is you're going to have to section your hair, take the sections. And the most important part is how you apply the hairspray. You want to make sure that when you grab a section of your hair, you over-direct the hair. You're going to over-direct in this direction, it's going to be 180 angle. You over-direct the hair and there is where you're gong to spray it. You can use heat, or no, it depends on what is accessible to you.You over-direct it, you can use the heat just to go faster, you just quick dry it. I prefer to use the heat, because it's going to set the hair and give you like, maximum volume. Wait till it's completely dry. Dry, then, you let it go. Let it go, you see, you have a nice volume. And you're just going to follow every hair, all the way up, like that, the same hairspray. Some companies have really strong hairspray that lasts longer than other ones. It just depends on how, the type of hair you have. you have. The thickness and the more, the more heavy that your hair is, the more stronger that you use the hairspray. The hairspray. Yes, some, you want to use maybe, a medium hold in the beginning. And then, after you're done with all the sections, then you want to use an all-night hold. It's a stronger hold for your hair. Because you don't want to use this strong hold from the beginning, because if you decide, oh, I don't like it, I want to brush it out. Then, it's too hard for your hair. You use a medium hold for each section and then, overall, in the end use the, and wait. You dry it, wait till it's dry and you use, once again, the blow dryer, heat from the bottom, make sure it's over-directed and. Melisse, please move your head. Over-direct it,you make sure that it's over-directed. You see, and then, you have a nice lift with just hairspray, this is not back combing or nothing. You section it again, take the hair, hold it this direction, remember, always over-direct it. Just spray it, blow dry it, hold it there. O.k., take this side, I think, a little bit more on this top section. Always the top section, you want to also do the hairspray technique. But at the end, you should smooth all the front of the hair. So, you have a nice and smooth style. Spray it, blow dry it, hold it in. Oh, I forgot to tell you, when you're blow drying your hair with the hairspray, you want to do hot and then, you're going to switch it to cold, before you let it go. You have it on hot, o.k., it's dry, you switch it to cold and set the hair. And set, the volume. And then, you will let go and that way, you create even more volume in your hair. How I look, like a 60's lady? Yes, and then, on this side, the same, I'm going to show you this side, so you have a better vision of this side. Spray, blow dry with hot heat, blow dry with cold heat, wait. And let it go. And let it go. You see, the side, side with no hairspray, and this side with the hairspray. I've not been doing back combing or nothing like that, and the hair is not going to be damaging, or it's going to break. Because sometimes with back combing, it's too strong. Then, after that, we're going to use the heavy hold hairspray. First, it was a medium hold workable hairspray and then, it's when you use the heavy hold hairspray. To set up the hair. To set up the hair. You see, it's nice in movement and you can just take your hands and push it a little bit over. Take again, the blow dryer. Hot air first. Hot air, cold air. And then, we use cold air. And you see, she has huge volume. And that is how we demonstrated how to make volume with hairspray. To add volume with hairspray. Without back combing. Hair spray, very important, medium hold and all day hold, like strong hold, and a blow dryer. That's the tools that you need to create this look. Bye-bye. Bye. See you next time. See you.


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