Why Does My Hair Have Bumps When I Tie It in a Ponytail?

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If your hair has bumps when you tie it into a ponytail, you need to be on the lookout for a few key things. Find out why your hair has bumps when you tie it into a ponytail with help from a hair specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Melisse Medina. I am Dayana Medina. The name of the Cardona sisters, owner of 3Hair Makeup in Los Angeles. Today, we're going to be doing a demonstration of how to do a ponytail without bumps. We're going to have her hair, her hair is clean and it was pre-blow dried. We will need a paste, a hard wax, and a hairspray. Depending the texture of your hair, that is the product that you're going to use. If you want more sleek all the way to the back, very sleek ponytail, I recommend the hard wax. It has better hold. If you want to have more natural and soft and smooth look to your ponytail, I recommend the paste. It's going to give you a shine and it's not going to be so harsh for your hair. If you want to add volume in your ponytail and have a bump in there, in the back and have like more stylish ponytail, I recommend to use hairspray to hold. The hairspray that I'm going to be using today is hairspray that is workable hairspray. So that way you can reshape and do the forms that you desire. You are going to use, bobby pins, rubber band and we're going to have also a soft brush. This one is to smooth out the hair. We're going to have a harder brush. This one is to put all the hair to the back and you'll have it all sleek and smooth. And we're going to use a back combing brush. This one is in case if you want to have volume on the top and on the sides. So first I'm going to use this brush and I', going to smooth her hair. With her I'm going to leave the bangs out. I just love her look when she has bangs. And sometimes when you create too much tension in the hair, that is when you get the bumps. And other people will say, oh just do it with a hair wet. But we don't recommend to do it with the hair wet. There's a really quick way to put your hair in a ponytail without bumps. I would not recommend it with the hair wet. It creates a lot of breakage in the hair because when the hair is wet it's when it's at the weakest point. So I'm sectioning with the part, and try to work with smaller sections so have more control of your hair and don't create that much bumps. With her I want to do more of a loose ponytail. Depending on the shape of your face that's how you want to work with the ponytail and what it seems like it's trying to create. Before I do the ponytail I want to prep. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take, in her case she has a lot of hair, she has thick hair, so I'm going to use two rubber bands, put it together. I'm going to use the blond bobby pins because she has blond hair. If you have dark or black hair, you can use the dark bobby pins. And these rubber bands you can buy in the drugstore. They sell it's like a little pack with a hundred in them. So you can do hundreds of ponytails. Yes. In the hair section. So here we have the pin, the bobby pin and then in the other end opposite of this bobby pin, you're going to put another bobby pin. So this is what you're going to use. I'm going to use the harder brush. I'm going to smooth the hair, and in her case I like when she has the ponytail with a little bit more volume in the back. You make the ponytail like more dressy and stylish. So I'm going to section the hair in sections. And I'm going to back comb a little bit, not that much. Because by nature she has a lot of volume in her hair. So we just want to make sure that it's set. We're going to put hairspray. The hairspray that we're using is like a workable hairspray. We going to do it back, a better way that dries. And then the back. And since it's a workable hairspray you can comb and shape. So this is my trick for doing ponytails. Since I don't like to get bumps in my ponytail, I just left some of the pieces in the front without grabbing it, the ponytail, leave it outside. And do the same in the right side. I want to use workable hairspray again. I'm going to put a little bit to smooth out the flyaways. There you go. Now I'm going to have the bobby pins with the rubber band. I'm going to put the bobby pin this way, wrap around the rubber band, and I'm going to meet with the other bobby pin that I put already. As I mentioned she has a lot of hair. She has thick hair. And I'm going to try to cross, criss-cross so it's more secure. If you want to have a more like a shiny look to it you can use the paste. Or if you want to have like more hold, and a very sleek ponytail, then you use the dry wax. And that's how you create a ponytail without bumps, in dry hair. And very stylish and young and fresh. Bye Bye, see you next time. Bye.


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