How to Roast Pork

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Roasting pork is a very simple process that yields very delicious results. Roast pork the right way with help from Balducci's Food Lover's Market's Corporate Executive Chef Jason Miller in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Jason Miller. I'm the corporate executive chef for Balducci's Food Lovers Market, and today we're going to work on a roasted pork loin. We're going to just do a simple, very simple roasted boneless pork loin, and we're going to do kind of a one pot dish. We're going to make a butternut squash, kind of hashed to go on the bottom to roast this pork on. I used a boneless pork loin today. It's very readily available, relatively inexpensive. You could obviously do bone in. Just in general a generic recipe to roast pork, very simple, very easy. To get this started we're going to just truss this piece of meat, basically just tie it. Basically piece of meat that needs to be tied, a tenderloin, a beef tenderloin, anything like that. We're just going to start on this side. We're going to get about an inch in. And just want to get these as evenly spaced as possible. This really helps with the cooking time. It makes it this piece of meat, you know it makes it very consistent in size so the cooking time is very even. Also it looks great, very attractive. Pull out my knife, and we're just going to chop some fresh herbs. OK. We have kind of our order herbs chopped. We're also going to blend this with just a little bit of fresh parsley, lighten it up just a little bit and there we go. So we just got this blend of fresh herbs here. On our pork loin we're going to do a little bit of olive oil. Last is salt and pepper. And then we're going to do our fresh herbs. Very very simple. OK. And I have over here a skillet on kind of medium high heat. We want to get a real good sere on this piece of meat, really lock in those flavors and juices. When doing a roast, specifically this kind of a loin, it's really important to get a nice sere around the outside. You want to lock those juices in. As the pancetta begins to render or it'll cook down, get crispy, we're going to start working on our next ingredients. We have here some mirepoix which is basically onions, celery and carrots. Now we're going to add our butternut squash and proper. Just we're going to let that go for another minute or two. Want to just chiffonade a couple of sage leaves here. And that's just basically cut them in strips. So that's the start of our hash. So what we're going to do is, you know we got an all clad roasting pan here. We're going to take our butternut squash, we're going to go right into the pan like that. And then we're going to put out pork loin right on there. You could actually put a rack on here if you wanted to, just so your juices drip straight down. We're going to cover this in foil. We're going to cook this nice an slow. We're going to cook it kind of 300, 325 for about you know, 45 minutes to an hour. We're going to check it you know, after 45 minutes. OK. It's been about 45 minutes or so. I stuck it with a thermometer and it's reading around 130, 135. Now this will care over cook. You know, you pull something out of the oven and it just doesn't stop cooking like that. It continues to cook. So keep that in mind when you are, you know cooking any kind of roast or any kind of large piece of meat that is going to continue to cook when you pull it out of the oven. And we're going to pull this off here and what we have is the herb roasted pork with a nice little sweet potato hash all in one pot. Simple, easy and ready to go. You obviously want to let your meat rest for a good ten minutes before you snip off the string and start to slice and serve.


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