How to Cook a Stuffed Lobster

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You don't have to run out to a fancy restaurant to enjoy a nice stuffed lobster. Find out how to cook a stuffed lobster with help from Balducci's Food Lover's Market's Corporate Executive Chef Jason Miller in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Jason Miller, I'm the corporate executive chef for Balducci's Food Lover's Market, and today we are going to do a lobster roasted corn and fennel stuffed lobster. We've got these great fresh Maine lobsters that we're going to cut them in half. We're going to cook the claws separately. We're going to blanch them, par cook them. We're going to pull the meat out, we're going to make a stuffing that includes roasted corn, some fennel, some cream and the actual lobster meat. Really simple preparation for this dish. I know it's intimidating to have live lobsters on your cutting boards at home but I'm going to show you a real simple way to do it, parental advisory, this gets nasty. What we're going to do is we're going to essentially have these lobsters. I'm going to cut them basically right down the head which is going to instantly kill them. It's kind of the more humane way to do it as opposed to dropping them in some boiling water and having them suffer a little more. So we're just going to go right down the center of the head and then we're going to work our way down. I would really recommend you using not your best knives for this. I always keep in my knife bag a knife that it's basically, I call it my lobster buster or my bone buster, you know I have to French a chicken or French a supreme cut of chicken or cut through a rack, bust a bone, I have this knife that I can just kind of beat up. What you want to do, you kind of have a little bit of the stomach up here. It's kind of up in the head so that's actually right up here by the, really close to the eyes. You want to kind of get rid of that, clean these out well. Alright we've got our fortified lobster butter here. I'm just going to get this in a container and say we'll put this back in the freezer and keep this for a while, have lobsters pretty regularly. Now we have our lobster claws, nice and cold. They'll be a little bit more easy to work with and we have our lobster stuffing. So what we want to do is we want to make sure that we chill this down. It's going to firm up a great deal. I happen to have some right here that we're just going to go ahead and finish these lobsters. So to finish these lobsters we're going to do, season these guys pretty aggressively, put some fresh lemon juice and I am also just going to put a little knob of butter on each lobster tail just to keep that moist. We've already seasoned it with the lemon juice and salt and pepper, very simple and straightforward but there's nothing better than simple things done the right way, even going to put just a little bit of wine in this pan, keep our friends from sticking. Okay well it's been about ten minutes or so. We're going to go ahead and pull these lobsters out of the oven. They look really nice and what we can do to serve these we'll just put these on a, it's a square plate here and just garnish these with a little sprig of tarragon and here you go, roasted corn and fennel stuffed Maine lobsters, simple and easy, able to do at home.


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