What Concealer Do I Use for Pink Undertones in Black Skin?

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Certain types of concealer are great for achieving pink undertones in black skin. Find out about a great concealer to use for pink undertones in black skin with help from a 30-year beauty industry veteran in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tracey Brown. I'm a beauty expert. I have about 30 years of industry experience in makeup, skincare and also as a trainer. I am currently a writer, a beauty journalist and I have a great website, Blingingbeauty.com where you can read more about my tips and advice. Our topic today is how to choose a concealer for dark skin with pink or cool undertones. So we have Shauna here who has beautiful skin and we've prepped her a little bit with some foundation and some blush and I have applied some concealer to her. So there's a couple of things you want to remember when choosing your concealer and one of those is the formula and consistency. So you want something creamy that's going to cover well. We use Tarte concealer in deep on Shauna and the second is the placement. This is where people really have a problem with placing their concealer and getting it in the right place. So the first thing you want to do is apply the concealer on the inner bridge of the nose and then fan it out underneath the eye line. So using a concealer brush, I'm taking a good amount of that product, starting right here it looks like a lot but it isn't really. I'm going to blend that out, lightly tapping it and then pressing it in with my fingertip and that's a good way to do it at home because your finger actually warms the product and melds it into the skin really seamlessly. There's no shadowing in this particular concealer because it is deep but it has a nice kind of an orange yellow undertone. It really balances out the pink in the skin. Do the same thing on the other eye, again placing on the inner corner of the eye and right up to the lash line, we have discoloration there as well, fanning it out and one thing with concealer is that often times people try to rub it away but you want it there, that's why you're using it right? So keep the concealer there again, just press it into the skin. There are other places sometimes to use concealer, little spots on the face but basically that's it. So one step, placement and formula. So remember, for concealer for dark skin with pink or cool undertones, there are two things to remember, one is placement on the inner part of the eye and two is your formula. You want a color with a little bit of yellow or orange in it to cancel the pink or cool on the skin. My name is Tracey. If you have more questions or want to contact me, you can do so at Tracey@blingingbeauty.com.


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