The Best Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes

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You should always keep your eye color in mind when choosing wedding makeup styles to wear. Find out about the best wedding makeup for brown eyes with help from a 30-year beauty industry veteran in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tracey Brown. I'm a Beauty Expert. I've about 30 years of industry experience in makeup, skincare and also as a trainer. I'm currently a writer, a beauty journalist. I've a great website, where you can read more about my tips and advice. Our topic today is wedding makeup for dark brown eyes. So, I've Sheryl de Laure here from who is my model for today. I've already prepped here with foundation, blush and we've done one eye. So, as you see, she has a coral blush on which look pretty for wedding makeup, it goes well with the yellow tones in her skin. And we've given her kind of a bronzy smoky eye, nothing too dark, but still enough to really give a nice impact with the eye. So, I'm working out of a makeup kit palette that I love, Too Faced Natural Eye Kit and it works in every single skin tone, I use this for dozen of brides. My first step is to lay down a light color on Sheryl's eyelid, it already has primer on and this is going to go from her lash line to the crease. So, that's step one. Pretty quick and simple. Our second step is to lay in a brown in the crease. Sheryl's got great eyes for crease work. We love that as makeup artist, makes the job easier. And the key of course which give the color placed is blending that out. I like a precision brush for placing the color like this one and the a fluffier brush for just blending that. And blending really is the key to having a seamless shadow application. On the brow bone, we're going to apply a little bit of the shimmer and then go over it with the matte color because on film when you're getting your pictures taken, you don't want some of that shimmer on the brow bone that's going to cause a great flash there and it takes away from all your makeup. And again, just blend that all out. I'm putting a little more of the lighter color toward the center of the eye, it opens it up, it makes it look bright. We'll deepen that crease a bit more. And for liner we use a black pencil which you work toward the lash line. I love this tart pencil, it's just almost like a liquid and it's so black. So, a line should be very very thin and placed right in the lash line. And then go back with the brush and push that in. Now, one thing I did, I don't want a harsh black line for this wedding look, so I went back over this with a bronze shadow and it's a waterproof, look pretty, waterproof cream shadow by Smashbox and this one, and this one the key is to, for your wedding makeup, you want to have waterproof makeup that last for hours, through tears, tears of happiness. Right? [Laugh]. We're going to do the same thing underneath the eye. "Could you look up for me?" Just right in the water line and then we're going to go back and put that bronze there too. "Look up for me." "Close." And we'll do a touch up, finish it up. "Close." "And close." Great. If you have any fallout from your color, take a powder brush, brush that away. Okay. We'll give her a little eye shadow, I mean mascara to finish that up. "And look down right here." Little bobo, and teach about bobos in mascara now. "Look up a little bit. Here we go." If you get mascara on the skin, let it dry then you can flick it off; don't try to take it off while it's wet. "Are you okay?" "Hmm." And we're going to give her a little bit of a lip in the same kind of coral family. This is a really pretty lip luster; it stains the lips, give shine and color and a soft and pretty for a wedding. "Look up for me." I'll grab my brush. Looks pretty to me. There you have a pretty bridal makeup for brown eyes, a smoky bronze look with coral lips and cheeks. My name is Tracey, if you have any other questions about wedding makeup or beauty questions in general, you can contact me at tracey,


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