Low-Impact Exercise for Slimmer Legs

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Low-impact exercises are a great way to achieve those slimmer legs that you've been wanting. Find out about a low-impact exercise for slimmer legs with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lisa with danceypantsfitness.com here at Anytime Fitness, South Longview, Texas. And today I am going to show you a few low impact exercises for slimmer thighs. So let me start off by reminding you that losing fat or slimming up, or getting slimmer thighs, you can do sculpting exercises all day long but you really need to get your heart rate up. So be sure to pair these with some exercises that's going to get your heart rate up as well ok. So the very first one I'm going to show you is a plie squat. You want a pretty good wide stance with your feet turned out. You are going to go straight down and come up. The key on a plie squat is to squeeze these inner thighs as if you are trying to pull your heels together when you come up. So if I go down and come up right here at the top I'm squeezing here. And I'm also squeezing my glutes. Down and up. I want you to repeat that 10 to 20 times. The very next one is a straight leg curl. You can do this with anything. You can do it with a rolled up towel, a rolled up yoga mat. I have this little bag right here I'm going to put it right here behind my knee. I'm going to squeeze that, lift up and down. So I'm getting some hamstring work right here. Up and down. You are going to repeat that as well 10 to 20 times both legs. For the next one I just call it a lunge squat lunge. Because that's exactly what you are doing. You are going to get in a nice deep lunge if you are able to. You are going to swing out to a squat and then right back to a lunge. Look at my shoulders, they are not coming up. They are not going down. Try to do 10 on each side staying in one plane the whole time. The lower you are the harder this is. And then for the last one it's a low, high round kick. So this is a martial arts move. And if you need to hold on to a wall or a chair that's fine. But it's a really good kick and it's going to really give you some nice long lean muscles as well. The key is having the bottom foot turned on an angle. You don't want to be straight and kicking here to the side. So make sure you are at an angle. You are going to kick down and then you are going to kick up. Now you can kick as high as you want or you can keep it very low. But the key is low and high and a little bit fast. You don't have to go super fast. But you are going to bring your knee in, your foot in and down. Each time, high and then if you can keep it up, keep your balance without tapping that's even better. I want you to do 10 on each side that would be one, two, three. Try to do 10 on that side, repeat 10 on that side. Repeat that whole sequence about three to four times if you have it in you. Do that two to three times a week and that is going to help give you slim beautiful legs.


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