Deep-Fried Drumstick With Cayenne

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The only thing better than a deep fried drumstick is one with cayenne. Make a deep fried drumstick with cayenne pepper with help from a personal chef and cake artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Minerva Vázquez, welcome to my kitchen in Miami. As a personal chef and baker, I love to do all kinds of things for my clients. But I want to make sure that whatever I make for them, it tastes homemade. And today, we're making drumsticks with cayenne pepper. Now, I know that a lot of people, they like this spicy stuff, but some of us, you know, I mean, we like it spicy. But not a point that really burns, I mean, I don't know about you, but I do like to enjoy my food. Now, first of all, before we do all the frying and this crazy stuff and get my kitchen dirty. I'm going to tell you my secret, I like to marinade my drumsticks. And I like drumsticks because they're fun to eat, o.k. And you can use the same recipe or the same technique for drum heads too. O.k., so, it's the same thing, it's the same technique, alright. But I rather use the drumsticks right now. So, the very first thing that I like to do, I like to use kosher salt and I like to do a good sprinkle. But sometimes, you know, I really don't like it when the recipe says you know, salt and pepper to taste, I mean, what is your taste, what is my taste? I mean, we don't know. Now, I am doing this on the top layer then, I'm going to turn it and repeat exactly the same thing. This, what I used here, is fresh ground pepper. Now, I'm going to use another sprinkle here, this is garlic powder, not garlic salt, this is garlic powder, to add more taste and to make it even more yummy. This is just a sprinkle of cumin, just a sprinkle, don't go crazy on this one, because this is very strong, overpowering, o.k. Now, smoked paprika, oh, my goodness, how good and delicious this is. Now, don't get confused with the regular paprika, look for smoked paprika, you can smell the difference, I mean, it has that smoky, really good flavor. O.k., another sprinkle on top of your drumsticks. And of course, since we're talking about cayenne pepper, hello, this is like our most important ingredient here. And again, we're going to sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. And I'm just going to sprinkle a tiny, little bit of oregano, that's it. Now, I'm going to repeat exactly the same thing, I'm going to turn them over, I'll do exactly the same thing. Now, we're going to put it inside a resealable plastic bag. O.k., so, all of them get together and acquainted. You can leave it up to eight hours, overnight, if you want. But at least an hour, so it gets you know, all the flavors, get altogether and marinade and dance and, and have fun altogether. I'm using about two tablespoons of olive oil, because you know, it helps. So, here we go, I'll give them a nice massage, here and there. Put it in the fridge, and we'll be right back. Alright, and my drumsticks have been marinading for a while now, this one's happy marinading overnight, as a matter of fact. I have here, vegetable oil preheated at 350 degrees, it's going to be very hot, so guys be careful out there, from far. Oh, yeah, baby, we're rocking rolling, that's a beautiful sound right there. And you want to make sure that you don't get burned or that there are no kids around you at this very moment. O.k., here are my drumsticks, they're already out of the vegetable oil. And now, I'm going to prepare the sauce. We don't need the sauce, but it's like a really cool thing to have to make it even more spicy. I'm going to toss the sauce, just a little bit, just like that, pretty cool. Then, give it a toss, just like that, to have a nice cover, make it even. And just finish it with a little bit of parsley or maybe some cilantro, I'm using cilantro because it's my favorite. So, that's all it is, isn't it beautiful? It looks amazing, beautiful color, beautiful texture. Again, welcome to my kitchen, thanks for coming, my name is Minerva, enjoy.


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