Southern Butter Cake

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Southern butter cake is a very classic recipe that will please even the pickiest eaters in your family. Make southern butter cake with help from a personal chef and cake artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Minerva Vázquez, and welcome to my kitchen in Miami, Florida. Today, is cake day, as a personal chef and cake artist, this is one of the things that I love to do the most. And I want to share with you something, a very classic recipe here, which is the Southern butter cake. Now, here I like to pre-sift my dry ingredients. So, I have pre-sifted two and one-quarter cups of all purpose flour. I have added baking powder, about a tablespoon and then, just a pinch of salt to give it a balance. So, I have it all sifted here and I'm going to put it aside for just a moment. Now, we're going to use three eggs and we want to separate the eggs. We want to have the egg whites and we're going to have the egg yolks separate. Now, it is very important that you have it at room temperature. And make sure that your hands are completely clean, because one drop of fat or any kind of oil residue, will not help you to make a very foamy egg white. So, I'm going to start with the egg whites, because it is the easiest way and the safest way to make sure that we don't have fat in our tools. Now, I'm going to use, I'm going to use the whisk, here you go, soft peaks, o.k., you don't want the meringue point, you just want soft peaks. Now, it really helps a lot when you have two of these bowls, mixing bowls. That way, you can keep your egg whites separate, put them aside and then, use the second one. If you don't have it, it's o.k., just put it in a separate bowl, alright. Now, let's do the egg yolks, alright, so let's just dump those egg yolks right there, go high speed. That drop counts, every single drop. Alright, no waste, like my teacher says. Alright, once you have it there, you incorporate the sugar. And we have one cup of sugar, remember sugar, you always want to add it slowly, this helps dissolve the sugar, you're going to get a foamy texture. And what you're doing is, incorporating here, remember, the more air that you're going to incorporate, the fluffier the end results are going to be. Here we go. Now, once you have all that sugar incorporated, and your eggs, they look kind of foamy. Then, you start adding two sticks of butter, they're at room temperature, very important, they're soft. And I have divided them into chunks to make it easier on the batter. So, you start adding you know, two or three chunks at a time, it's looking good, looking good. Now, we take a short break and we scrape the sides, just to make sure that all of our ingredients are well incorporated. Keep mixing for a minute or two, and meanwhile, you want to add your extracts. I'm going to use half a teaspoon of almond extract, I love almond extract, it is so perfumy, I love it, it's really good, ads a great touch to this cake. And two teaspoons of vanilla. This cake is almost like a pound cake texture, it's really rich, really good, really yummy. Alright, let's scrape the sides again, all that goodness in here, um, here we go. Now, I'm going to add the milk slowly, you don't want to get the milk all over you, so just go slowly. And it's even better, it incorporates better. Now, you want to get your flour mixture, you add it little by little, just to make sure that everything is well incorporated. You want to give the batter the opportunity to mix well with the, with the flour mixture. Hey, and we back with our cake. And what I'm going to do, I'm going to poke some holes here, because I want to pour some sauce on top of my cake. Now, this sauce that I have made here, it has butter, it has some water, it has vanilla and it has sugar. And just like that, you have a beautiful, moist Southern butter cake, one in the middle, maybe two in the middle, maybe three in the middle, it's up to you. Thank you very much for joining me in my kitchen, my name is Minerva, enjoy.


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