Frozen Fruit Compote Dessert Recipe

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Frozen fruit compost desserts are quick and easy to make and are absolutely delicious when finished. Get a frozen fruit compost dessert recipe with help from a personal chef and cake artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Minerva Vazquez and welcome to my kitchen. As a personal chef I have a bunch of friends always asking me quick tips on how to dress up their desserts. And this is a very good tip right here. This is frozen fruit compote that you can dress up any dessert pretty quick pretty fast and it looks amazingly good and is amazingly delicious. The first thing that you want to do, you want to choose your fruits. Normally I like strawberries because of their color. It's so beautiful and when you look at a dessert, the red really catches your attention. I have here half a pound of strawberries and half a pound of frozen mangoes. And you can choose peaches or you can choose whatever fruit you know is your favorite. But I'm choosing this because of the contrast of colors. It looks very nice, it looks really delicious. Now I have added here a quarter of a cup of sugar and I let it sit here to thaw completely and this process makes a beautiful rich syrup. Natural syrup. Now these are room temperature right now and what I'm going to do I'm going to drain my fruits. They have been sitting down for about an hour and a half at room temperature. My room temperature is about 78 degrees so it depends on your room temperature. It'll take about an hour and a half maybe two hours depending on where you are. All right. Now that it has drained I'm going to reserve my fruits and I'm going to cook the juices here in a saucepan with about a tablespoon of corn starch. There you are and I'm going to cook it at medium heat. I'm going to get a fork to whisk it and to help dissolve it. It's not going to make any real bubbles or anything like that. I mean because we're not going to let it boil. We just want to see when it gets thick and that's basically you want to cook the corn starch through and the corn starch is a natural thickener so that's all that you're going to notice. All these bubbles that you see around, this is not because it's boiling, it's just me whisking and it makes bubbles just because I'm whisking. And here we are back with our frozen fruit compote dessert. Now you can do this for any kind of dessert purposes. I'm using ice cream right now because I really love it in a summer day or basically any time of the year because I love ice cream. You can use your favorite one. You can put this on top of your favorite cake too. Now what I'm going to do using my vanilla ice cream, I'm just going to put a couple fruits here. I'm using mango and it looks so yummy and so delicious I love mango, it's one of my favorite ones. But hey you know, strawberries are so good and so delicious. Come on baby, get right here, right in the middle, right in the middle. All right. Now from the juices, from the natural juices that we got out of this fruits, then we cook it with a little bit of corn starch to make it thicker as you can see it's really rich. So I'm just going to pour some on top and oh goodness this is yummy to the max and let me try it with the mango. I love mango. I love the texture, it's kind of sour and sweet at the same time because of the syrup. It's really good and delicious. I'm telling you. This is the best thing ever. So one more time, my name is Minerva Vazquez. Thanks for coming in my kitchen and sharing this with me. So enjoy.


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