Cheese Enchilada Recipe

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Cheese enchiladas can be made quickly and easily right at home using the appropriate recipe. Get a cheese enchilada recipe with help from a personal chef and cake artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Minerva Vázquez. And as a personal chef, I'm always trying to please my clients with easy recipes. And this recipe is very easy for you. Now, when I think about Mexican food, I think about fiesta, and this is exactly what it is. We're making here, enchiladas, cheese enchiladas,that's it. And the most important part about this recipe, is the sauce. So, let's start with the sauce. First thing that I want to do, is I want to warm up a little bit of olive oil, about two teaspoons, o.k., not much. Because what we want to do, we want to saute our vegetables . And in this, the vegetables that are here, are very, very easy. I have here, a quarter of a cup of onions, they're minced, you know, they're chopped finely. So, here we go, we're going to toss it here. Alright, and we're just going to let it, them sit and saute for just a little bit. Now, to that, we are going to add one garlic, minced, we're going to add half a jalapeno pepper, minced, this one is finely chopped, o.k. And we are going to add cilantro too. So, let them acquainted there for just a little bit, for about a minute or two. Here we go,they're all covered with oil. Now, we're going to add some cinnamon to this, to give it an earthy tone, this is just a dash or two, since this is salsa and enchilada sauce. Then, we're going to add 14 ounces of tomato puree. Let's give it a stir, and here in medium low, because you want to simmer this sauce. Now, at this moment, it's kind of chunky and it's kind of thick, and I want to thin it out with a cup of water. And it's going to thin it out just a little bit. Now, leave it there for a couple of minutes, it's going to simmer for a while, it's going to get really nice, really delicious. We're going to give it an extra taste, just to make sure that the salt and the part of our red pepper flakes, you know, is o.k. too. And we'll be right back. O.k., now, I have my tortillas here, they're corn tortillas, not flour tortillas, because they get kind of mushy when you get them into the sauce. Now, here you just want to go back and forth, and up and down and that's it. And then, we're going to fry it, o.k., just a few seconds on one side, then a few seconds on the other side. Woopa, I'm getting all splattered here. And then, that oops, that's about it, we're going to have to do another one. Now, this is why I have extra tortillas, but don't worry about it, we're going to put it right in here. Fold it and that's it, if it breaks, don't worry about it, because we're going to put some more cheese on top. And here, let's get it like that, then fry it, one side, really quick, let's go to the other side. With a spatula, it works a lot better. I put some sauce on the bottom, so it doesn't stick when you put it back in the oven. There we go, put lots of cheese you know, it is pretty cool, really nice, nobody's on a diet here. And let's toss it down and let's fry this beauty right here. Now, if you notice, I am not doing it like a burrito, like some people do, I'm just tossing it here and folding it. Very rustic, I mean, be nice with the cheese, be careful, it's hot, and that's about it. Now, the next step, you put more cheese, be generous with that cheese. 350 degrees, about ten to fifteen minutes, until the cheese melts. So, here you are, this is your cheese enchilada, our final product. Here you go, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, this was a nice one. So, again, this is Minerva Vázquez, thanks for joining me in my kitchen, enjoy.


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