Yellow Cake Recipe Using Vegetable Oil

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Certain yellow cake recipes use vegetable oil as a primary ingredient. Find out about a yellow cake recipe that uses vegetable oil with help from a personal chef and cake artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, welcome to my kitchen, my name is Minerva Vázquez. And as a personal chef and a baker, I love to do many things. But one of the special things that I like to do,is cakes. And I have another special recipe for you, this is a yellow cake with vegetable oil. Now, why vegetable oil and not butter? Well, vegetable oil will help you have a more moist, cake like, really, really rich and good. Now, if you miss the butter flavor, you can always use butter flavor extract. But today, I'm using vanilla, but it's up to you, o.k. And you can even add some almond, almond extract, if you want. Now, the very first thing that I want to do, I want to use two cups and a half of all purpose flour. And this one has already been sifted with two and a half tablespoon, I mean, teaspoons of baking powder. And I added about a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. This has been already pre-sifted and I'm going to put it aside. Now, let's work with the wet ingredients. I'm going to get my mixer ready with the whisk tool. I like to whisk, I like to use the whisk because it'll give me like, a more foamy eggs. And the more air that you incorporate to the, to your cake, the more moist it's going to be. O.k., now, I have four eggs right here, and I always like to put it inside a little recipient, bowl, just to make sure that I don't have any shells. Baby, let's get into action here, let's start with one, mix it well, starting beating those eggs to make it foamy and incorporate air. And the last one. Now, you can use like a very fine sugar, that way, it will blend even better and you're going to add it slowly. I'm going to add some speed to it. And you want to add it slowly to start doing the, you know, to breakdown the eggs, to dissolve the sugar. And you're going to start seeing the egg turning colors you know, it's going to start looking a little bit more pale, it's going to get creamy and rich. And that's how you like your, your cakes with a really rich flavor too. Now, you leave there for about a minute or two, let's get on with the speed. Now, at this point, it looks very foamy, as you can see. You see all those bubbles, that's air that you have incorporated while you were whisking it at high speed. Now, let's bring it down, let's add the oil. Now what happens with butter, when you use butter, butter has a lot of butter and it evaporates. So, sometimes you get kind of dry cakes, and specially if you over bake your cake. Now, when you use oil, it really helps to keep that moisture in, o.k., to seal the moisture in and it's a very rich, very tasty, moist cake. Now, we're almost there, let's introduce the extract,I'm going to use a teaspoon of vanilla. And you know what, I kind of miss the flavor of butter, so I'm going to add some butter extract too, what the heck, I'm feeling like having fun today. Here we go, it smells really good, I love this butter extract. Well, I'm back with my yellow cake recipe and this one has the oil instead of butter. Now, I have already taken it out of the oven, it has already cooled down completely and now, I'm going to assemble it. And just spoon some of this goodness, just like that, let it drop down. Then, you're going to have to clean up the mess, but who cares, it is such a good mess. And here you have a beautiful, easy cake, this is a yellow cake recipe with vegetable oil. Alright, so, again, here I am, Minerva, showing you how to make great desserts in a very easy way, enjoy.


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