How to Tenderize a Turkey Breast

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When tenderizing a turkey breast, you're always going to want to follow a very particular process for the tastiest results. Tenderize a turkey breast the right way with help from a personal chef and cake artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Minerva Vazquez and as a Personal Chef, I like to educate my clients and tell them good tips on how to cook different kinds of meats. Now, one meat that is very in vogue right now is turkey. Now, turkey is really good for you, it's really yummy and nutritious. Now, the thing with turkey is that it's too big for a family of four or maybe a family of two and sometimes, we, we want to eat turkey and what we have available for you in that case is the turkey breast. Now, what happens with the turkey breast, the turkey breast is very dry because it is very lean. How do we make sure that we have a tender meat and juicy meat, well I have the secret for you; I'm going to tell you how to tenderize that turkey breast in a matter of, you know, in, in a jiffy, let's put it that way. Okay. Because you know, the work here is very fast. You don't have to do basically much. Now, you buy, you're going to go to the store and you're going to get your turkey breast. Normally, it comes the whole breast with the bones. You can ask your butcher to de-bone it for you; if you're a family of two and you only are interested in one breast, then you can have it cut for you; okay, no problem on that one. And then, that is exactly what we're doing here, we're only dealing with one, one part of the breast that is already de-bone; the butcher, my butcher did it for me. Now, this one has been marinating, or I should say it has been in this brine for about 12 hours. Here we go, about two tablespoons of vegetable oil. You can use butter if you want, alright. Give it a good toss, right there, very nice, very pretty. Let me rinse my hands pretty quick. This is the paprika that I suggest for you to use in this case, it's going to give it color, it's going to give it taste and it's going to be absolutely amazing. Now, the brine is going to make sure that your turkey is very tender, is very juicy. You're going to bake it at 350 degrees for about 55 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. And that's all there is to it. Now, this beauty right here, the way we make sure that it's all tender and juicy is because of the brining and the brining what it does is that while it's sitting overnight, all that water is going in and is getting trapped between the fibers of the muscles of this, of this tender, juicy turkey. Because if you were to cook it, of course, it's going to dry and then you're going to get a, a tough meat. But, already all the flavors need, that have been integrated in the brine will make it really nice and, and yummy; all the, you know, the thyme and the rosemary and the peppers and of course the lemon makes a great heat on this juiciness. So, again, my name is Minerva Vazquez, have fun in the kitchen. See you soon. Bu-bye!


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