How to Pick the Right Necklace for My Wife

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Picking the right necklace for your wife requires you to consider exactly what your wife likes and dislikes. Pick the right necklace for your wife with help from one of the top experts in the field of beauty and fashion makeovers in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm J.R., and I'm here to show you how to choose the perfect necklace for your wife or the woman you love. Okay, now we've got different styles here. Ann is going to show us some of the things that they've got here at Beyond Sense. Now for someone who is older there's always the pearls. There's always the traditional, the traditional pearls. You cannot go wrong without that. And these are a beautiful color. What color is this? Is this like a champagne? Yes. Now if you have someone who wears a lot of perfumes or a lot of perfume body creams you want to be careful with pearls because the natural maker of the pearl is very porous and susceptible so it will take off some of the natural finish. So you just want to tell them to put everything on before they put the pearls on. Is that correct? That's right and then maybe wear a higher neck so that it's not so much on your skin. Okay, but the one great thing about pearls, they never go out of style. Never. Now for someone who is a little bit younger who is not really ready for that full set of pearls, we have one really big beautiful pearl in the shell. Now this is nice because this is a way of wearing pearls but it's not a full pearl so it's more modern. It's got kind of a younger feel to it so I really love this. This is great for I would say women, I don't know, from 20 to maybe I don't know, 40. I don't know. I don't know. Good jewelry has no age limit I say. That's right, that's right. Okay, now diamonds are a girl's best friend. Always. We have a different array of diamonds and of course you cannot go wrong with diamonds. There is always a heart for the ones you love. I think this is really sweet for mothers. Absolutely. I really like diamonds for mothers, especially if it's a new mother or maybe you have a friend and she has just become a new mom, this is a great gift for her. And these are just some different arrays of diamonds. We have them in white gold also in your yellow gold and we'll have some rose gold coming up in just a few minutes and rose gold is really great especially if you want to give her something that she might not have and I'm pretty sure she might not have any rose gold in her jewelry box. But diamonds are always a girl's best friend. Now if you can't do a diamond, it's okay. CZs are you know, a girl's best cousin. So, we have this one which is a CZ, a ruby and then also a rose quartz. Correct? That's right and I love rose quartz because rose quartz the stone itself is meant for love. So if you are looking for something that just generates love, rose quartz is what you're going to be looking for and I love that little rutilate in the middle ruby light in the middle, and it has a little tie there, correct, kind of like a little bow? It's a little bow. I see these a lot with a lot of grandmothers where this is a necklace that has different stones in it. This is great for a mom or a grandmom because each stone can go for the child's birthstone. Absolutely. So if you have somebody born on, depending on what month, if they are born in December then you look for a blue zircon and you can put it in the necklace. So this is great because it's personalized. A statement piece is so great for larger size women or plus size women just because of the way it really projects on them so you can't go wrong with a statement necklace. Now there are some statement necklaces for smaller petite women but you want to make sure that if you buy them a statement necklace, that it's great for their frame. You don't want to get it too big where it looks like it's literally like chains around their neck. You want to make sure that you keep in mind each woman's framing which if you are smaller size, this is really cute and petite but I love it because it's something different and I think for the woman who is looking for something unique or that has everything, this is great because maybe she already has diamonds in her jewelry box. Well we hope we all do but there's other stones out there. There's turquoise, there's quartzes, there's all kind of different stones, amethysts. So this is a rutilated quartz which I absolutely adore and it's something that you don't see every day. So if you're looking for something unusual, then this is a great way to go. Try exploring new stones. It doesn't matter what necklace you buy your wife or loved one, as long as it's coming from you and from the heart I'm sure she'll absolutely adore it and I love everything. Box it up. Alright I will. Love it.


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