How to Pick a Motorcycle Jacket

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When picking out the perfect motorcycle jacket, you're always going to want to keep a few key things in mind. Find out how to pick out a motorcycle jacket with help from one of the top experts in the field of beauty and fashion makeovers in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm J.R. Stewart, and I'm here with world famous clothing haberdasher Mr. Mark Michaels. We're going to show you what's new in trending for motorcycle jackets. Now I know you're used to a hard core leather biker jackets, but this is showing you how the motorcycle jacket has evolved in to something classy and structural that you can wear for just about any occasion. OK Mark let's talk about these three jackets. Let's start with this one right here. I really like this. This is casual, but at the same time it's got really a lot of personality to it and the stitching is beautiful on this. The leather is really soft and supple and it seems like it's really lightweight, that's something that's new for the motorcycle jacket because usually you're used to really heavier jacket. So here you have a semi-distressed, washed Napa leather super soft with nice saddle stitching nice detail throughout and the saddle stitch carries on through the whole vertical length of the zipper. So it's a good looking jacket and the color is kind of a cross between a matte black and chocolate. It's really pretty. This is something and I know pretty is not what you guys are looking for in a jacket but maybe handsome is a better way to say it because the color is so unusual like this and the distress kind of gives it that vintage look even though it's a very modern cut jacket. So if you're looking for something new and kind of trending the motorcycle look. This might be your jacket and who makes this one? This is made an Italian company called Gimos. Really nice, I really like this top stitching up here as well. I do too, thank you. OK let's move on to this one. And now this one is for the more probably fashion forward guy. This looks like something I would see in the movies. This really does look really exciting. It's funny you should say that. It has been in a movie many times. It's a super light also. Baby lamb skin, two tone with jet black and tobacco trim. It can be ordered solid black or two tone. It can be this model which is unfilled or for a quarter client, you can order it and have it filled. Now that's something unique with motorcycle jackets because usually with the motorcycle jacket, the way you see it is the way you get it. Unless it's like handmade. But to get something that's off the rack that can be customized, that is brand new when it comes to motorcycle jackets. I really love this. I love the color, I love the two tone on it. This is really something that I've not seen on a motorcycle jacket before. I think this looks fresh off the runway, it looks fresh, it looks clean. It really lives up to its movie star appeal. OK we've got one more. This one has a younger feel to it. Yeah it has a little bit of a bad boy look. Yes. It does. It's a nice Napa skin. It's got a lot of compartments in it for your personal belongings, and it has a great look with a stitched down epaulet right in here. Obviously the exposed breast zipper pocket that is functional, by the way, along with a very high nero style collar with a knit insert that when zipped all the way up when you're on your bike and you want to keep that warmth within your body just bring this zipper all the way up and it closes nice and taught on top. I love the color because this color is black but it's kind of like a maybe pearlized look, but again, it's something that you're not used to seeing with a motorcycle jacket. Usually it's a flat leather but you know as time is progressing, so is the motorcycle jacket and it's become more fashionable. Thanks so much, hope you see something that you like and head straight to the store to pick up.


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