How to Organize a Vegetable Garden

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How you organize a vegetable garden will depend entirely on what specific types of vegetables you're trying to grow. Organize a vegetable garden with help from a classically-trained chef with experience in both world class restaurants and private dining companies in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm farm to table chef Teca Thompson, and today we are talking about how to organize your vegetable garden. So the organization of your vegetable garden really depends on how much space you have, where you are planting it. And the amount of sun you get in that space. So I like to time the hours of sun I get in each area that I am thinking of planting something in. That way I know ahead of time what I am working with. I also organize my vegetable garden in height. Meaning anything that's high and can cast a shadow over my lower vegetables I'll plant towards the back of the garden. I've previously also drawn a diagram which helps me utilize the space around my house which is where my garden is currently planted. So you can draw a diagram or use diagram software for your garden if you like. Remember that whatever you plant should always have plenty of sunlight and well drained soil. And that perennials and annuals should be kept separately cause perennials will come back yearly whereas annuals will have to be tilled under every year. And it's a lot easier if they are separated that way when you go to do the tilling you won't worry about damaging your other plants. So always remember plenty of sunlight, follow the directions on your transplants or seeds as to what the plant need to grow. And lots of love, water, and care. That is how to organize your vegetable garden. I'm Teca Thompson, thank you for watching.


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