How to Protect Your Vegetable Garden After Planting Seeds

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Once you plant your vegetable seeds you need to immediately begin taking steps to properly care for your garden. Protect your vegetable garden after planting seeds with help from a classically-trained chef with experience in both world class restaurants and private dining companies in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Teca Thompson, Farm to Table chef, and today we’re talking about how to protect your vegetable garden after planting seed. So, I have a few recommendations for you. It all depends on what we’re trying to protect our seed from. So, first I like to clearly mark the area where I planted seed, especially if I don’t have it in a row. This way, before it starts to germinate and come up, I can know exactly where to water, and where not to step. So, that would be step one, easy peasy, is identifying and marking where you planted your seed. Step two is to protect against frost. So, for frost, you can do a sheet, an old blanket, tarping. So, what I’m just going to do is I’m just going to tarp the area, like so, and this will keep it insulated and warm for those cold nights. And, make sure always to uncover it when the sun is up and it’s warm, so that the seedlings can get plenty of that much-needed sunlight for germination. That would be step two, is protecting it from frost. Step three is to protect it from small critters such as rodents or dogs, something that likes to dig. So, I’ve taken a piece of chicken wire which I previously cut to the proper size for my area, and I’m just going to place the chicken wire on the ground right over the area. And, using some wooden gardening sticks, I’m just going to hold it into place, like so. Another helpful hint is to only water at dusk and dawn. This way, you can protect the plants from getting burnt by the sun and the water the effect has on it when you water in the middle of the day. So, that was how to protect your vegetable garden after planting seed. I’m Teca Thompson, thank you for watching.


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