How to Design a Perennial Herb Garden

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When designing a perennial herb garden, you're always going to want to keep a few tips in mind. Design a perennial herb garden with help from a classically-trained chef with experience in both World class restaurants and private dining companies in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Teca Thompson, garden to table chef and today we're talking about how to design a perennial herb garden. So I already have some perennials in my garden right now. I have some lavender which is right here and some sage. So you always want to account for things like rosemary, lavender and sage which tend to grow bigger and taller to be in the backscape of your herb garden. So I've got some rosemary right here. I'm going to put it in the backscape of my herb garden, about here, giving it enough of its own room from the sage and lavender to really fill in and grow because rosemary loves to fill in and grow. So I put that baby right there. Here I have mint. I have both peppermint and chocolate mint and I'm going to let them grow together and I'm going to keep them in the pot but plant them in the garden. I'm going to do this because they have a habit of really taking over and growing. If you put them in the pot, planted in the ground, then you'll be able to contain them. So we're going to just put them about right here and you want to make enough room for the pot to go all the way into the ground and be completely buried. So you just have the pretty little sprigs of mint. Now I know this looks small at first but this is really going to fill in a lot and it's really going to take over and add a lot of cover to your areas with a lot of dirt in them. And next we're going to put in the thyme. Thyme also is low growing and really good for filling in and covering in the garden. So we're going to put this baby right here and obviously you can do this any way you want and with any perennials that you want to have around your home or garden. And that is how to design a perennial herb garden. I'm Teca Thompson. Thank you for watching.


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