How to Plant an Herb Garden According to Height

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Planting a herb garden according to height is a great way to make sure that all of your plants remain organized. Plant a herb garden according to height with help from a classically-trained chef with experience in both World class restaurants and private dining companies in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Teca Thompson, Farm to Table Chef. And today we're talking about how to create an herb garden according to height. So, I hav several different herbs here. I have rosemary, oregano, thyme and parsley. Also already growing I have some lavender, sage, thyme. So I'm going to start by keeping them in the pot and kind of get a feeling of what I want to accomplish here according to height. And knowing that, let me see, parsley is going to sprout up a little bit. The rosemary's only going to get bigger. Thyme is great for cover and it will spread out on the ground, probably stay lower as well as sage. So if we've got them nestled all in here we have kind of like the surrounding effect of the bigger plants and then the falling effect of the smaller plants. Also I've taken in to account that the sun will be pointing this direction. So therefore there will be no shade passing on my little or younger plants. So once you've got them all laid out it's pretty much just planting them in the ground where you've already chosen them to be. So I'm just going to plant them right here, right in the order that I've previously planned out for them. This one's kind of rooted in there so let's give it a squeeze and see if we can't get the root system to let go of the container. There we go. Put it right in there, putting the parsley right behind the oregano. And then this big rosemary tree will go in back of all of them, right like so. There you go. And that is kind of a beautiful falling effect where I've go the higher bigger ones here and then you're coming around with the lower smaller ones pushing out towards where the sun is going to naturally hit it. I'm Teca Thompson, that is how to plant an herb garden from height. Thank you for watching.


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