How to Remove Autofill on an iPod

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Removing the autofill information on an iPod can help take your version of the Safari Web browser back to its original settings. Remove autofill on an iPod with help from an expert in the world of Apple retail in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Skylar. Depending on your perspective autofill can be either great or a bane to your existence. Boon or bane. So let me show you where to gain access to the settings of autofill in Safari. So press your home button and slide to unlock. Tap settings and scroll down until you see Safari. Tap Safari and tap autofill. If you want you can set it up to use your contact info so it will read your V card that's stored in contacts whenever you start to type in your address or something like that. It'll say hey, do you want to use your stored information and you could say, yes or no. You can also choose which card you want to use. So if you wanted to work with multiple identities it's not all that hard to switch between them. Also a detail is in names and passwords. So if there are websites that you visit frequently that require you to log in, you can have Safari remember those if you want. So you would just switch it on and the next time you go to a website where a password is required Safari would remember the username, remember the password and make it easier for you to log on the next time. So you could also clear all of those passwords out periodically if you want. If you have that feature turned on I really do highly recommend going to general and pass code lock and enabling a pass code. Just a simple four digit pass code will keep that relatively safe. Thanks for watching. I'm Skylar.


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