Cream Cheese-Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

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There are few treats in life more flavorful than cream cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers. Find out how to prepare cream cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers with help from an expert in culinary topics in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Darlene Tenes from CasaQ, and today I'm going to show you how to make a real simple and spicy appetizer that everybody just loves. And it's just jalapenos and cream cheese and is great for football games, barbecues, all kinds of fun stuff whenever you have a crowd over, it's a great appetizer to have. OK so right now I'm going to show you how to slice a jalapeno. You just want to hold it on both sides, slice right down the middle, and if you can get a little bit of stem on each side, that's great because it looks better that way. Then this has actually a lot of veins so we're going to scoop this out. You just get a little spoon and you scoop out the seeds and the vein, really simple like that. And you make yourself a little boat. If you want to leave a little spice in there, because all the spice is in the vein and you just want to scrape that out with your spoon. It's really easy. You want to make sure when you're doing jalapenos, a lot of people do use little plastic gloves. Other people do put like oil on their hands so that you don't get it because it is really hot and you don't want to touch your eyes or anything after that. And we make a little boat so we're able to put the cream cheese in it. Next we're going to get the little jalapeno boat, and we're going to scoop up a little bit of cream cheese and just stick it right in the middle there. So you're going to want to just fill up that boat all the way full. So with your cream cheese filling, we showed a simple cream cheese filling, but you can also add things like nuts in here or you can add some Parmesan or Romano cheese. There's different accent cheeses that you can add such as the queso fresco or bleu cheese or goat cheese or whatever you have and we're just going to mix it up a little bit. Once you're done filling your appetizers, you want to put it on the cookie sheet, put it underneath the broiler and it should be in there probably less than five minutes depending on how hot your broiler is and you want to keep an eye on it when it's slightly brown on top, you want to pop it out and you're ready to go. So these are our cream cheese stuffed jalapenos. And you can get the recipe at And we're going to take a little bite now, but till then, hasta pronto.


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