How to Wear Low-Cut Jeans

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You can't just throw on a pair of low-cut jeans and expect them to look great. Find out how to properly wear low-cut jeans with help from a lifestyle expert and passionate fashionista in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

You might be intimidated by low-cut jeans. You might think they’re just not for you. Not true! One of the solutions is to wear a long shirt. It could be a long T-shirt, it could be a flowing tunic type of thing. You know, this, you can sit down in peace without worrying. Look at this dolman sleeve. Look at these, they’re very flattering and they’re gorgeous. Jeans, especially jeans with a stretch, are going to stretch as you wear them. So, when you’re wearing these jeans, you might find them creeping further and further down. You don’t want that, it’s embarrassing. So, if there’s a gap in your jeans, get a belt, hold your jeans up. So many people complain that they get muffin tops when they wear skinny jeans. The key thing is is you need to get the right jeans for you. You need to make sure that the jeans aren’t cutting into your hips and pushing your fat or your flesh out and creating muffin top. Get the right size. Get the right rise. So, we’re looking for a rise of about seven or eight inches. If you go for some stretch in your jeans, you’ll find they’re much more forgiving to your curves. They’ll expand where they need to expand, and they will contract where they need to contract. Go for a darker wash. It is so much more slimming. And also, if you want to mix it up, you know, be casual in the day and then be a little more sophisticated at night, you can travel with these. Not so much with these. Now, skinny jeans and length. When you’re wearing skinny jeans, you can afford to go for something a little longer. Why? Because a little scrunching is a good thing – it lets us know you’re not wearing leggings. It looks good, it’s stylish. Getting the right length is crucial, so when you’re wearing the shoes that you’re going to be wearing most often with the jeans, adjust the hem, and you just want to be skimming the top of the shoes. This has been how to wear low-cut jeans. Thanks for watching.


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