The Keys to a Good Measurement for Ladies' Jeans

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When measuring for ladies jeans, you're always going to want to make sure that you're following a few very important steps. Learn about the keys to a good measurement for ladies jeans with help from a lifestyle expert and passionate fashionista in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I’m Kara Miller of, and I’m here at Denim Revival. Today, we’re going to talk about the keys to measuring ladies jeans, to getting a correct measurement. Now, many of you have a pair of jeans at home that are falling apart. You love them, they fit you like a glove, and you worry you’re never going to be able to find jeans like that again. Do not fear, because the keys to effectively measuring jeans are, firstly, the rise. So, you go to the top of the waistband, you go down to the crotch seam. Now, if it’s eight or below, you’re dealing with a low-rise. In this case, I’m dealing with a low-rise. Then, we want to get the waist, so that’s a second key measurement. Now, I go from here all the way to over here. Now, this is about, actually, this is 16, so you double it to get the waist size. So, that would be 32. Lastly, but certainly not least, we need to go from the crotch – this is the inseam – we need to go from the crotch right down to the hem. In this case, I get 31. So, when you’re doing this, you take a piece of paper and you write it all down, because the exciting part comes now. You take your tape measure, you take your piece of paper with the measurements, you put it around like a pro when you’re walking around. And, instead of taking 30 jeans into the changing room and feeling frustrated and powerless as you try on things you should never be trying on, before you go into the changing room, you just go like this: What is the rise? Because I know what rise fits me, because I have my other jeans, my favorite jeans. What is the waist? And, you’re not, because – this is really important – because different jeans manufacturers call things any size they want, you will be getting your exact size. You will not be looking at the label to see what size it is, you will be measuring, no matter which brand it is. And, the last thing is the inseam – you can measure that too before you go into the changing room, but I would tell you, because our bodies are unique, all of us are, and you’re buying something that’s standard, you know, if everything else fits, get the length altered. So, there you have it. This has been the keys to correctly measuring for ladies jeans. Thanks for watching.


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