Does Hair Color Dictate Eye Color?

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When using hair color to dictate the color of eye makeup that you use, you're always going to want to remember a few important rules. Find out if hair color dictates eye color with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kendra Richards, professional makeup artist, and I'm going to help answer that question about hair color and how it applies to your eye color makeup that you want to use. Now there are general rules to follow. In general, if you're fair and you have lighter hair, you want to scale back the intensity of your eye colors. It may be overpowering. Then if you're a red head, a lot of times staying in a neutral color palette, a little softer shade works better. If you have brown hair or black or a little bit warmer skin tone all the way up to darker skin tones, you can sort of play up the intensity that way and it tends to look the best on you or works better with you. That said, half of the fun of rules is breaking them. So I encourage you to experiment with something if it seems like it'd be fun for you and you'd like to try it. Because there are people who actually look amazing doing something that kind of feels contradictory to what you would think just basically by looking at them. There are women that can wear dark, dark eye shadow and they're really fair and they have really light hair and yet somehow it really works. So find what works best for you and play around a little bit. So again, this is a neutral brown color palette that works perfectly for Cassandra and would work for most everyone but if you wanted to experiment and have some fun, play around a little bit, that could so easily be taken in to a dramatic more evening look by using plums, by adding navy, or black to intensify the look. You could also take it down a notch or two and use softer browns or peaches for a day time look. Or if you had lighter skin tone. Basically, again I really think it's just fun to just play, find a style that works for you that feels right and who says everyday you have to look the same anyway. Play, have fun, it's makeup. I'm Kendra Richards at the Kristoff Ball Salon in Beverly Hills. Thanks for watching.


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