Cosmetic Brush for Cream Mousse

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A cosmetic brush is a great tool to use to apply cream mousse successfully. Find out how to use a cosmetic brush for cream mousse with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kendra Richards, professional makeup artist and today I'm going to show you which brush to use for liquid or cream makeup. But before we start makeup, you need to remember that skin is the canvas for makeup and how you prep the skin is really going to greatly impact the results. So I use Atelier ultimate makeup prep. Use a couple of quick pumps of that and I just apply it to Amanda's face. This nourishes and preps the skin before the makeup, helps it to stay on longer and creates the perfect canvas for makeup. There we go. Then I like to use for creams and liquid makeups, whatever it may be, whether it's blush or foundation, a mousse foundation, cream foundation, any of those things, a brush like this helps you get the most natural finish. Those bristles are pretty flexible and it really helps to distribute the makeup perfectly. So I'm going to use a liquid foundation on Amanda with this brush and I'm going to start the center points of her face and then just work it out. So that I can use the least amount of makeup. Whoops, there we go. And build it from there. If I want to get more coverage I just add more makeup, blending it out. Turn a little bit. Great. And then you can see I use long, sweeping motions. Just getting all of her hair in her face. And do a little bit more, get more makeup. Then where I want more coverage, I just go in, sweep some more on and then I can tap with this brush too, to help that makeup get in to the skin and really look natural and polished. I also like using this sort of round motion that I use too to help get the makeup blended. When I'm done, I think it's great to go back over with a dry version of this brush to help finish blending. It's another trick you can use if you feel like you've put too much makeup on and you want to soften the look. You can just go over the makeup with another dry brush, the same type. OK. Now haven't used concealer yet or highlighter, anything like that, this is just really to demonstrate foundation or cream makeup. So there you have it. This is the perfect brush to use for cream or liquid makeup. I'm Kendra Richards at the Kristoff Ball Salon in Beverly Hills. Thanks for watching.


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