How to Go From a Single Lunge to a Double Lunge in Aerobics

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Going from a single lunge to a double lunge in aerobics will require both care and determination. Go from a single lunge to a double lunge in aerobics with help from a trainer and fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cari Shoemate, and today I'm here to talk to you a little about aerobic lunges. So the aerobic lunge is a common move that you are going to see in most step classes, aerobic classes because it's a great way to really work your legs. And sometimes it can get kind of tricky when you are going from a single lunge into a double lunge. So I'm just going to show you what that's supposed to look like. So usually you are going to have a bench in an aerobics class or a step aerobics class. And for your lunge you are going to put one foot on the step, one foot behind. Then you are going to bend both legs down to where both legs are about 90 degrees. So this is a single lunge. Usually in the single lunge you might come up and then tap back down and come back into that lunge. So for a double lunge it's basically the same thing you are just going to do it twice. It looks like this. You are going to come up, down, up, down. So the difference is it's just faster obviously so you are going to get your heat rate up and you are going to burn a lot more calories. But a tip that I have for you is when you are in that lunge position really make sure that that front knee stays right on top of the ankle the whole time. And you are not lunging forward or the knee goes past the toe. I'm Cari Shoemate, and I'll see you next time.


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