Stretches & Exercises for the Lower Spine

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Certain stretches and exercises are great for working out the lower spine. Find out about stretches and exercises for the lower spine with help from a trainer and fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys. It's Cari Shoemate, and I'm going to show you two of my favorite stretches for your lower back, or your lower spine area. This is a really common spot that people have a lot of tension and a lot of tightness. You know, I have a lot of clients that sit at the desk all day, and they're always complaining about their low back hurting or they just have a lot of tightness there. So, it's really good to get in the habit of stretching your lower back and doing a few exercises each week. To really relive that tension and it's going to strengthen your lower back too. So, anyway, my two favorites, well, the first one is actually child's pose. And both of these, my two favorites are Yoga moves, so might have already done this in a Yoga class. But for child's pose, what you're going to do, is you're just going to bring your knees out a little bit wider than your hips. And then, slowly, you're just going to lower yourself down on the mat and your hands are going to come out in front. So, notice as I sit back, I'm actually dropping my hips back towards my feet. And that action of dropping down is going to release the tension from low spine or low back. And then, I'm going to relax my head on my mat, and just take in a few, deep, relaxing breaths. That's also going to help relieve tension, if you breathe nice and deeply. Now, another option, if you don't want to bring your hands out in front, you can also bring them back, by your feet. Or again, up in front, either way is totally fine. Now, the second exercise that I like to do for low back tension, is the cat and cow stretch. And again, this is a Yoga move as well. So, you're going to come back up and knees a little bit wider than your hips. You're going to walk your hands out, to where they're right underneath your shoulders. And then, you're going to start with a flat back or a neutral spine. Now, as you inhale, you're going to look up and you're going to arch your back, you inhale, up. And then, as you exhale, you're going to reverse this movement into the cat stretch. And you're going to actually drop tail bone down and round up through your spine, releasing the head own. And now, just repeat that movement, inhaling to the cow, exhaling to the cat. Just keep repeating that for as long as you want, maybe like, ten to twenty reps. Until you start to loosen up your spine,and that should release some tension in your lower back. I'm Cari Shoemate, and I'll see you next time.


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