Ankle-Strengthening Exercises With a Balance Ball

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You can do many different ankle-strengthening exercises using a balance ball as a primary tool. Find out about ankle-strengthening exercises that you can do with a balance ball with help from a trainer and fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys! It’s Cari Shoemate, and I’m actually standing on a BOSU ball right now. A BOSU ball looks just like this. It’s round on one side, and flat on the other. And, the main reason that people do exercises on the BOSU ball is because it works your core. So, you’re having to balance the entire time you’re standing on top of the ball. Whether you’re doing arm exercises or squats, you’re really having to challenge your balance and your core. But now, another benefit of using the BOSU ball is that it really strengthens your ankle muscles. You know, we have a lot of muscles in our ankles and in our feet, and by standing on top of the ball, you’re really going to strengthen those muscles. Now, you can do, like I said, your arm exercises, or do any exercise that you would normally do on the ground, and you can do it on the ball to really work those ankle muscles. Or, another thing you can do is try to balance on one foot with or without weights and do it for, like, 30 to 60 seconds. And, that’s really going to start to work your ankle muscles. Now, you don’t have to have access to a BOSU ball. Most gyms do have these, or you can buy them online. It’s a great tool to have, but you don’t have to have it. Another thing that you could do is do some yoga poses. For instance, Tree Pose looks like this. Again, you’re going to balance on one foot, really contract your core, and see how long you can hold it. It’s really going to start to work those ankle and feet muscles, and it’s a great way to really get stronger in that area. I’m Cari Shoemate, and I’ll see you next time.


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