When Does the Hamstring Work During a Squat?

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During a squat, the muscles in your hamstring tend to work during a very particular point. Find out when the hamstring works out during a squat with help from a trainer and fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cari Shoemate and as a trainer one of my favorite exercises that I recommend for the legs are actually squats but a lot of people wonder about the hamstrings, do squats really work the hamstrings and when do they work the hamstrings. Well, actually your hamstrings are kind of contracted the whole time during the squat so you're really gonna be working your squat during an entire movement but that actual lengthening and contracting motion when you're doing your squat, when you bend down and you stand back to the top, your hamstrings are actually lengthening and then they're contracting and it's that actual movement that's gonna make your hamstrings stronger and they're gonna become more sculpted and more toned. Now I have a trainer tip when it comes to squats, make sure you do your squats at the beginning of your workout after your warmup because squats are compound exercises meaning they work many muscle groups and they work all those large muscle groups in your lower body. So you want to do that exercise first before you do all of your smaller leg exercise and smaller muscle groups. I'm Cari Shoemate and I'll see you next time.


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