How to Remove Skin Tags With Tea Tree Oil

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One invaluable tool to use when removing skin tags is simple tea tree oil. Remove skin tags with tea tree oil with help from a naturopathic doctor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Dr. Stacy Mobley. I'm a naturopathic physician that believes in blending the best of mainstream and natural therapies to help you transform your health, re-energize your life and renew your mind. Today we're talking about natural and easy ways to remove skin tags. Skin tags are a non-cancerous benign tumor that grows commonly on you face, neck, back and armpits. Tea tree oil which is used for centuries by Aborigines in Australia as an anti-bacterial is a common essential oil that can be used to remove skin tags. So, we're going to go into the steps of a natural and way to remove the skin tag, here is your essential kit that you need at home to complete this process. You have the tea tree oil which we just mentioned can be purchased in any natural food or vitamin store. We have a straw or you can use a dropper whichever you have on hand, band aid, cotton ball and a little bit of water. Step one is to make sure that the area around the skin tag is clean. So we're going to take warm soapy water and just wash around or rinse around the skin tag area and make sure that's dry. Step two would be to take a cotton ball like this, dip it in the little bit of water, make sure it's damp but not wet so we're going to squeeze this, apply one to two drops of the tea tree oil on the cotton ball like so. You're going to take the cotton ball, place it over the skin tag that you just cleaned, dab it on there and make sure it's nice and wet with the skin with the tea tree oil. After soaking, remove the cotton ball and place the band aid over, directly over the skin tag right here. Alright, and step, the next step would be just to be patient with this process. It can take two to three weeks for the skin tag to fall off. You'll want to apply or repeat this process two to three times per day during that timeframe to make sure that the skin tag falls off. I'm Dr. Stacy Mobley. I believe in treating the whole person using treatment options that are right for you. To learn more about me and my practice, visit my website, Dr. spelled


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