Differences Between Thick & Thin Hair

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Thick and thin hair are different in a number of ways beyond their general appearance. Find out about the important differences between thick and thin hair with help from a professional hairstylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone, I'm Amanda Shackleton, Hairstylist, and today I'm going to show you how to style thin hair and thick hair. I style them very differently and I use different products as well as different brushes when I'm styling, you know, thicker hair as oppose to thinner hair because one is more fragile than the other. So, I'm going to start here with this side and show you what I would do for someone that has finer hair. What I usually like to do is start by spraying a little bit of a wet hairspray into the hair and then using a brush like this, kind of like a flat brush that's a boar bristle and this kind of brush is going to be a lot softer and a lot more gentle on the hair. And you can just go ahead and brush through the hair like that. Then, when I blow it out, I just do a quick shot with the blow dryer and the brush, straight down like that to the ends and then go ahead and just continue to take sections while blow drying it down. And once you reach the back, you ca take a little bit of a bigger section in the back and go ahead and do the same thing with the blow dryer all the way down. Once that's done, I like to go ahead and strengthen the hair up and gloss it up a little bit, just with a little bit of gloss spray. So, and I always spray it into, excuse me, I always spray it into my hands, just like that and then run it through the ends of the hair first and then all the way up to the roots. You want to be careful never to spray this directly onto the hair because sometimes if the hair is fine, it may get a little bit too greasy. And there you go, that's how I style fine hair.


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