What Neutralizes Eating a Chili Pepper?

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You can neutralize the flavor of a chili pepper by eating one of a few common things. Find out what neutralizes the eating of a chili pepper with help from an internationally recognized holistic health and wellness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Koya Webb, author of "Foods You Love That Love You Back". I'm here at Magic Light Studios and I'm going to show you how to get rid of the hotness of a pepper. So I have a pepper here that's extremely hot. It's a version of the jalapeno chili pepper and I actually grew this pepper in my house in a big beautiful bowl and when I ate it my ears were burning and my head was ringing and it was just excruciatingly painful and I said I will never eat that again. It's just painfully hot. Well I got on line and I found out how to neutralize the burn. What it had is capsaicin in it. It actually triggers pain receptors in your tongue so it's not really hurting your tongue or your mouth but of course we want to get rid of the burn. So for you today I'm going to have this pepper again which I vowed not to eat just to show you, I don't want to get the seeds because those are just super hot but I'm going to have some of the skin and I'm going to show you the trick to getting rid of the hotness of the chili pepper. So I'm just going to put this in my mouth. I'm starting to feel the burn. I'm not liking it. It's extremely hot. So the key to get rid of the burn is actually lemon juice. Lemon juice is acidic so the acidity of the lemon juice is going to balance out with the chili pepper and get rid of the burn. It's burning, wow, it really does work. So I still feel a little bit of hint but it's really smoothing out and you don't want to use water because all water is going to do is spread it to different parts of your tongue and it's going to burn more. You want to use something acidic and we're using lemon juice. You can use it and just swish it around in your mouth or if it's on the outside of your mouth, you can take a cold compress and press lemon juice around your mouth and that's how you get rid of the burn of a hot pepper. So thanks for joining me and learning how to get rid of the hotness of a pepper and you can visit me at Koyawebb.com.


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