How to Make Vegetable Stock Using Old Veggies

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Old veggies are great for making vegetable stock of your very own. Make vegetable stock using old veggies with help from an internationally recognized holistic health and wellness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Koya Webb, Author of Koya's Cuisine: Foods You Love That Love You Back. I'm going to show you how to make vegetable stock out of your old veggies. So, right here I have a couple of old carrots chopped up, some cucumbers I made vegetable cheese out of and couple of tomatoes and some puree that I didn't use and I don't want all of these stuff to go to waste, so I'm going to make vegetable stock. I'm going to start out in my blender with a cup of water and these are the major ingredients you need, just a little bit of water, a cup to half a cup. You want a teaspoon of pepper just to kind of bring it out and give it a bowl of flavor and you want a teaspoon of sea salt. This is going to make it last and just bring the flavor out of any of the vegetables that you have. So, we're going to put that in there and then we're going to throw in our tomatoes. So, it's about, I don't know, 12 tomatoes. Then, we're going to throw in our carrots and we're going to throw in our cucumbers and were going to throw in this puree, I think this is like hot peppers and sun dried tomatoes and herbs and spices. Smells really good. So, we're just going to throw all of that in there together and then I can chop this, but I'm just going to leave those up because I want it kind of chunky and liquidy. So, I'm going to put the top on that and blend. Alight, and there you go, that's all it takes and let's see. Hmm, smells so good! Now, you can use this cheesecloth to strain it, but what we're going to use is actually paper towels. Now, you don't want to use paper towels that have any type of dye or any type of color in it, but you can use pure white paper towels that haven't been dyed. And so the key is to really hold down your paper towel, I'm going to actually put it against the blender so that it stays together. I'm actually going to pour very gently; pour the puree and it should be coming through the bottom side. Yes, you could see the liquid coming through. And I'm just holding it tight. This good, are good paper towels, they won't break [Laugh]. So, I'm just going to show you, you can keep your puree on top and as you can see, the vegetable stock is under there. Oh, it looks really good. So, I'm just going to take this out and you just want to squeeze, you could squeeze in; hope it doesn't bust like that, but, just squeeze it just gently to get all the liquid out. Here we go. And so, this will make like a good soup if you're going on a soup or if you're doing some type of juice cleanse, it's really good to have the vegetable stock available without all the fiber. You can take another paper towel and strain it out again and strain all the rest of this, but this would be a, a juice. And the only reason you would not have the pulp is because you're trying to let the fiber go and get all the nutrients and that's what's really good about vegetable stock. Also, you can keep this for later on and you have a really nice chunky soup. So, here is your vegetable puree and you can find out more recipes on


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