Cold Vegetable Pizza Recipe

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Cold vegetable pizza is a great, quick meal that you can make any night of the week. Get a cold vegetable pizza recipe with help from an internationally recognized holistic health and wellness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Koya Webb, author of Koya's Kuisine: "Foods You Love That Love You Back!" I'm here at MagicLight Studios and I'm going to show you how to make my cold vegetable pizza. First, you start with cucumbers, as you can see, I've already cut the cucumbers in this nice shape. You can also cut them long ways, if you prefer for long cucumber shaped pizzas. But I prefer just the size of a silver dollar. And then, you need a blender, you can actually use personal blender for this recipe. But I'm going to use my big Omni blender. And at first, you want to start with, you use some tinned, fresh baby tomatoes, and put those in the blender. And then, you want to start next, with your sun-dried tomatoes. So, you want about six sun-dried tomatoes. And then, to that, we're going to add two tablespoons of oregano, we're going to add one teaspoon of basil, we're going to add one teaspoon of dulse. And dulse is a sea vegetable, it's high in B-12 and it's really good to add to your dishes to add a little sea, salty flavor. And we're going to add one teaspoon of garlic, and we're going to add one teaspoon of sea salt. And we're going to blend that up, we might have to add to water. Let's see how this blends first. So, we're going to add just a little bit of water, so we're just going to add probably just a half a cup of water to blend it a little more, a half a cup of water. We're going to blend again on low, awesome, and that's all it needs. And then, I have a teaspoon here, I'm going to take a teaspoon of the mixture, it's really nice and chunky. You're going to see all the herbs and spices and you're going to place them on each cucumber slice. Um, it smells so good, you can actually smell the herbs. And you want about a teaspoon, you can do more than a teaspoon if you'd like. But I just do a teaspoon or maybe a whole, like these sun-dried tomatoes. And due to my personal blender, it blends up into a liquid, because this blender is so big, it's really chunky, but it's really good. Because you can actually get a whole bite of sun-dried tomato on each cucumber. So, I'm just going to layer that on, oh, yeah, that looks so good. It's going to be nice and chewy and yummy, and one more. And I'm actually for either a big tomato or a big sun-dried tomato, because they really give good bites. So, there you go, it's really nice and flavorful, this is great to take to a party. And now, we're going to add some more of that dulse, so we're going to just sprinkle that on top. And then, we're going to end with some unsweetened coconut flakes. And we're just going to take the coconut flakes and put that on top as well, making sure I get some coconut flakes on each one. And you can put as much or as little as you want, you can also use hemp seeds or sesame seeds, if you don't like coconut. And there you go, this is your cold vegetable pizza, I call them pizza bites in my book. But they're so yummy and so easy to make, you'll be the life of the party. And you can join me at


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