The Right Way to Eat an Italian Sunday Dinner

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Italian dinners, especially Sunday Italian dinners, are typically served in courses. Learn about the right way to eat an Italian Sunday dinner with help from a celebrity chef and award winning author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Maria Liberati from the award winning book series, The Basic Art of Italian Cooking. And I'm here to show you today the right way to have a traditional Italian Sunday dinner. You know Italian dinners are served in courses, especially Sunday dinners. The first course is traditionally a meal that consists of carbohydrates. So that would be a pasta or risotto course. Here I have fuccillo with ricotta and sweet peppers. And this dish is actually a pasta carbonara that's a vegetarian version of pasta carbonara. So this would be your first dish and this would come out separately on its own. You could also serve a risotto. The second course should be a meat or fish dish which will come out on its own but you may have a side dish along side of it. You may have roasted potatoes or saute veggies. These are sauteed green beans that were sauteed in garlic, olive oil and dices tomatoes. And this is a side dish that comes out with your meat dish. The next course which could be a third course is going to come out separately again. And that will be your salad course that could be served with a crusty Italian bread. Here I have vegetables that were marinated in Balsamic vinegar but you could have a salad of any type with tomatoes and lettuce and or do a Caprese salad with tomatoes and mozzarella. Now usually everybody would think that salad would come first but in an Italian household where we don't want the pasta and risotto to get cold, we have the pasta or the risotto first and the salad as a last course. After that comes fresh fruit, a bowl of fresh fruit, maybe fresh fruit salad or just some fresh fruit that is in season. And after that what everyone is waiting for are the desserts. And here we have a traditional Italian cannoli and an Italian cheese cake. And that's the traditional way to have an Italian Sunday dinner. I'm Maria Liberati from The Basic Art of Italian Cooking. Thanks for watching.


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