How to Make Sauces or Dips With Cucumbers

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Cucumbers can be used as primary ingredients in a wide variety of different dips depending on your preferences. Make sauces or dips with cucumbers with help from a body and life stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosie Battista with I Cook Naked, and what I'm going to show you today is how to make a cucumber dip and a cucumber sauce using very simple, naked ingredients, which means food in its most natural form which means that it's so much easier to do and so much easier to shop for because as long as it doesn't have a label, you can eat it. I've already taken the skin off my cucumbers and I'm going to slice them down the middle and I'm going to take out the seeds. So I have a little demitasse spoon that I like and I'm just going to scoop out the seeds down the center, nothing wrong with them it's just that they have a lot of liquid and for our sauces and dips, it's just better to take them out. And then I'm going to take my handy dandy chopper and I'm just going to press down lightly and then I have cucumbers that are all chopped up and all the same size. Take our chopped cucumbers, we're going to add two cloves of roasted mashed garlic, some chopped up fresh dill, one cup of Greek yogurt and I'm using this 0% fat and I'm also using a brand that really has very minimal ingredients in it and then I'm taking the juice from a fresh lemon and squeezing that in. So gently with a fork I'm just going to mix all of this together. There is another way you can do this is you can also make your cucumbers a little bit smaller but I chose to leave it really chunky and you can serve this as a dip, with some toasted tortilla bread or you can serve it on the side of some chicken or on top of a salad. Dips, we have a quarter cup of sesame seeds, that's going to add a healthy fat to this amazing sauce. We're going to add our cucumbers, we're going to leave the seeds in because we don't care, we're getting the liquids, it's going to be all smushed together. We're going to add two pitted dates and the juice of half of a fresh lemon. We have a little bit of almond milk. We're going to add about two tablespoons of almond milk to that and we're going to blend that all together for our cucumber sauce. Okay so here I am with dips and sauces made with cucumbers. I am Rosie Battista, and I cook naked. Ciao for now while I chow on this.


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