Dipping Sauce for Roasted Potatoes

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Your roasted potatoes just won't taste complete until you add the right dipping sauce into the mix. Make a dipping sauce for roasted potatoes with help from a body and life stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, it's Rosie Battista from Icooknaked.com. So here's the deal, obviously I'm not really naked, but what I want to bring into your kitchen is this whole naked concept about food in its most natural form that you can have all these creamy, amazing, delicious sauces and dips and they don't have to be caloric and fat-laden and disgusting for you, right? So here is a dipping sauce for roasted potatoes because we always think we have to have something creamy next to a potato or you know, a fry to dip it in, something creamy, delicious and usually it's sour cream or butter that we'll dump on a potato. So today I'm going to show you how to use fat-free Greek yogurt, some cilantro, some lime juice and an avocado to add that creamy, delicious dipping sauce for your roasted potatoes. So to slice an avocado the easiest way, is to just score it all the way around and I can actually feel the pit with my knife so I'm scoring all the way around, I'm separating a little and I'm opening it. This avocado is really really well done, you can kind of see here, but that's okay it's still going to be good. You take a knife and you, whoops, you smash, there you go, you smash it into the center and you twist and your pit comes out. So we just have to squeeze the avocado right out of the shell, right into the blender. The reason I love avocado in this dipping sauce is because instead of butter it's going to add a really healthy fat and you're going to be much more satisfied than if you ate the potato alone. So this almost makes a meal because we have the fat from the avocado, the protein from the yogurt, we have a little bit of greens here with the cilantro and we have some lime juice which we're going to get out with our little handy dandy juicer, fresh lime and now we're going to put our blender on and blend this together. I've been known to lick the spatula before I serve it. I'm sorry but let me just tell you, this food is so good, I can't help myself sometimes. So look at this gorgeous green color. This looks really really pretty on the plate next to the roasted potatoes. Alright, look, as a kid I always got to lick the beaters for the cake and I still love to do that but I'm not making a cake, this is so good. I know it's a sauce for the side but you could actually just eat this as a dessert. It's like pudding but so you have your fat, your protein, in this healthy, delicious amazing sauce for your roasted potatoes. I'm Rosie Battista, Icooknaked.com. Ciao for now, and you caught me, but I'm going to go chow on this.


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