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Preparing ginger glaze at home requires you to use a few key ingredients and just the right recipe. Make ginger glaze from a great recipe with help from a body and life stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosie Battista from So you might be wondering what I'm holding in my hand and this right here is a ginger root and ginger is amazing for you. It's an amazing spice and you might not have seen it fresh. You might only know it in the package that you sprinkle on but I'm going to show you how to use this ginger to make a ginger recipe glaze. So what we're going to do is peel the ginger and grate it and I'll show you how to do that and we're going to combine it simply with orange juice from an orange, some wheat-free tamari which is what-free soy sauce and some honey. Okay so the easy way to peel ginger is you know we're always talking about how you need the right tools in the kitchen but a simple spoon will do your ginger really well. So you just want to take the edge of the spoon and just push it along the skin and actually just push the skin back and it's really that simple. So I'm only exposing a little piece of it that I'm going to use right now and keep the rest of it kind of packaged up to keep it fresh for later. I'm going to use about an inch of ginger and I'm going to grate that right into my bowl. So this is a microplane grater. I'm just going to put it over my bowl and I'm going to scrape the ginger right against it and you can see, there it is, my God and this smells amazing. Ginger is awesome for you, you know, for digestion, if you ever have a belly ache, just have a little bit of ginger in something, boil it in tea, it's amazing. Now we have our ginger right in our bowl and we're going to add the rest of our ingredients. So we're going to use the juice from an orange and here's another handy dandy tool that works really well when you have a bowl underneath it so you just want to squeeze out the juice of a fresh orange. This is wheat-free soy sauce also called tamari. You can use this sauce and we'll just whisk that up. Today I'm going to show you a little trick on how to use this sauce on salmon wrapped in parchment so you don't even have to dirty a pot for this one but you can also use this on chicken. It tastes really good on that as well. So here we have a piece of parchment paper and all I'm going to do is take my, I washed off my salmon and I dried it so I don't have any extra liquid. You always want to get wild salmon. So it is a little bit more expensive but just eat less of it, that's the trick because we don't need to eat as much as we eat anyway. So I'm just spooning this right on top of the salmon and you can be really generous with it and this is all going to bake right into the parchment so we want to fold this up. The parchment paper is actually going to steam the fish. So we're wrapping it up like we would a little present, going to fold it over on the top and we'll place this on a cookie sheet just like that and it will steam right in the parchment. We'll put it on a cookie sheet so that if anything falls out, but it will steam right in the parchment. What you want to be careful of that it cooks really quickly this way so probably less than ten minutes in the oven at 350 and you also want to be careful when you open the parchment, because it will be steamed inside. Here you have it, your easy, simple ginger glaze that you can put on your chicken, your fish, really really good. It's going to be amazing flavors and it's that easy to make. You don't have to be so skilled in the kitchen to eat healthy. You just have to come into your kitchen and just fall in love with naked food. I'm Rosie Battista, Ciao for now while I go chow on my salmon.


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