How to Make a Strawberry Topping

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Naked food is food in its most natural and pure form. Find out how to use naked food to make a strawberry topping with help from a body and life stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosie Battista from Of course, I'm not really naked, but what I'm bringing to your kitchen is some ideas on how to use naked food in its most natural form to create really delicious amazing sauces. So for this sauce we're using three ingredients that you most likely have in your cabinet all the time. One of it, a cup of strawberries, some onion butter and some balsamic vinegar. Now if you don't have fresh strawberries available to you all the time which I don't, I chose to use frozen strawberries and that's a really good idea to keep frozen fruit in your freezer so that you can always grab it when you need it. Okay we're just going to dump in our strawberries. We're going to dump in our almond butter. When you buy almond butter, it's like adult peanut butter kind of. It's just almonds ground up. When I say butter people think, you know, butter but it's just almonds ground down into this delicious creamy creaminess, it's amazing. We're going to mix this up and we're going to get our decadent strawberry sauce. So we see that's a little thick we're going to add just a little tad of almond milk. I love this little antique measuring cup that I have and I'm going to use that for my sauce. Now you can see this is really creamy and deliciously thick and I like to do something really interesting with this strawberry sauce. You can have it on the side of chicken. You could have it on the side of veggies. You could serve it next to a sweet potato and there you go. See here I have a sweet potato that I baked earlier and I just happen to have this great purple bowl so that, look at the gorgeous color with the orange and the purple. You know since you eat with your eyes as well as your mouth, it's really nice to have some fun looking things and here we go with some beautiful pink color. Gosh if I was taking an art class that would be a great palette, right on the side of the sweet potato. This is so gorgeous I could just, now, so you want to paint your plate really beautiful. The more colors you have on it the more nutrients you are getting into your body and this would be great also served on top of a beautiful green salad so you have greens in there as well. So I'm Rosie Battista, Here you have a delicious simple easy strawberry topping. Ciao for now while I am very excited to go chow on this.


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