Physical Exercises for Couples

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Certain physical exercises are great for doing with your spouse or significant other. Learn about physical exercises for couples with help from a certified yoga teacher and healer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Lola from Yoga Lola Studios and this is Kevin, also of Yoga Lola Studios, the other co-owner, and we're here to day to demonstrate two exercises for couples. These exercises will open up the heart center, really stretch out the back and open up the whole entire body. And it will also bring you closer to your partner. So thank you for joining us. Okay this is our first exercise in the sequence for physical exercises for couples. So Kevin and I are sitting back to back, our spines are nice and straight and first I'm going to reach my right hand through and I'm going to come over to his thigh. I'm going to place my palm flat down kind of rolling that shoulder blade back and tucking it down. I'm going to do the same thing over here with my left hand. I'm going to reach it back and bring the hand down. Now if you can't fully reach back you can always just do it holding onto the waist or just not as far back. Whatever works for you. Then Kevin is going to do the same thing to me. He's going to reach his arms back, coming back to my thighs. Alright, this is a nice deep stretch through the shoulders and through the upper chest. We're both going to turn our heads to the left and look over our shoulders, inhaling, exhaling center. Inhaling over to the right now, exhaling center and we'll do it one more time. Inhaling over to the left, exhaling to the center and inhaling over to the right, that feels so good. Such a nice stretch, and exhaling back to the center. And then just slowly release out of the pose and just rest your hands on your knees. Hi. this is our second exercise in the set of physical exercises for couples. This one is a beautiful stretch. I'll start by taking my hands, well first we're sitting in the cross legged position and our knees are touching. And if your partner is considerably taller than you are you'll want to put something underneath you to lift you up so that you even out the height. so I'm going to bring my right hand and place it on Kevin's shoulder, then my left hand. And now he will reach his arms over mine. And what we'll do is I'll begin to lean back. It's kind of like a seesawing motion. Really opens up the hips and the groin. It builds closeness. And exhaling back. Just stretching out. It opens up the shoulders, ah that feels so good. What a nice, nice, gentle stretch. And of course how far you stretch down has everything to do with your own level of flexibility. But you want to do this one nice and slow so that you get the full benefit of opening up the hips and the groin, moving through the whole back all the way up the shoulders. And then when you're done you just return to a straight sitting position, bring your hands down. Thank your partner. And you're all done. Now that you're all stretched out and you've let go of all that stress, give each other a really big smile. Bow to one another and sot nam. We'll see you next time.


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