Stretches for Back & Side Muscles

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A two-sequenced exercise is wonderful for stretching both the back and the sides of your body. Learn about stretches for the back and side muscles with help from a certified yoga teacher and healer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lola from Yoga Lola Studios, and we are about to do a two-sequenced exercise that is wonderful for stretching the back and the sides of the body. So, with this first exercise, what I'll do, I'm going to bring up my left hand and then I'm going to walk my fingers and then I'm going to flatten my hand on the floor. And I'm going to bring my right hand up and as I begin to bring it over my ear, I'm going to soften my elbow and allow my elbow to go down to the floor. And I'll hold this stretch for a moment, making sure that I keep my body facing forward and then inhaling, exhaling coming back. So, now, I'm going to bring my right hand to the floor and again, I'm going to walk my fingertips out and I'm going to flatten my hand on the floor. This is such a wonderful exercise, not only does it open the sides of the body and the back, it improves the oxygen intake to the lungs. Just going over; oh, that feels so good; trying to keep my knees on the floor. Inhaling, coming back up. It is also said to calm anxiety and stress in the body. So, there you have it, you can do as many repetition of it as is comfortable for you. Alright. We're going to step into exercise two now, this is called triangle pose. It's an amazing exercise. So, we're going to step out using our left foot and you'll notice that my toes are pointing away and I'm going to spread my toes again. I'm going to center my hips and tuck my pelvis under. I'm going to take my right hand and bring it right up alongside my right ear. I'm going to inhale in this position, "Hmmm", then exhale, sliding the hand down, making sure that I keep those hips facing forward, just stretching through. Oh, this feels wonderful. This really opens up the side muscles and the back muscles, as well as the hip muscles. So, holding the pose for just a moment and then back up, releasing the arm down and stepping the feet together. Now, we're going to do it on the other side, 'cause we want to stretch out both sides of our body. So, we're going to step out, now this time with the right foot. Again, I'm going to spread my toes, get myself good and grounded, make sure that my hips are centered and my pelvis is tucked under and roll those shoulder blades back. Make sure I have it nice and straight. I'm going to lead the right hand resting on the right thigh and bring up this left arm, bring it up to the ear. Inhaling, "Hmmm", and then exhaling, really stretching through the side. And I'm just going to hold it for just a moment. And then, inhaling back up, "Hmmm", bring the arm down and then I'm going to step the right foot back in. And that is triangle pose. Thank you for joining us for this video to stretch the back and the sides. I hope you've enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you next time. Sat Nam!


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