What Are the Benefits of Shoulder Shrugs?

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Shoulder shrugs are a simple exercise that have a number of important benefits that you're going to want to know about. Find out about the benefits of shoulder shrugs with help from a certified yoga teacher and healer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lola from Yoga Lola Studios and thank you for joining us today. I'll be demonstrating shoulder shrugs and talking to you a little bit about what the benefits are. With shoulder shrugs is a simple matter of just raising the shoulders up as though you are taking them up towards the ear. And then just dropping them down. So inhaling, raising them up. Exhaling, dropping it down. And shoulder shrugs are used a lot in yoga. They're also used in therapy to help rehabilitate people who have different kinds of injuries. Just raising them up, dropping them down. And weightlifters also use shoulder shrugs with handheld weights to build up the area around the neck and the shoulders. The wonderful thing about the shoulder shrugs are you can do them as a warmup. You can do them as a light exercise all on their own. Or as a warm down. They're easy to do while you are sitting at your desk or when you are at a red light. And you know you are thinking alright I think I'll do some shoulder shrugs. Maybe everyone else thinks you're crazy but there you are. Really loosening up your neck, building up your shoulders. Increasing the circulation all around the neck and the head area. And also working the thyroid and the parathyroid a little bit. So doing shoulder shrugs regularly will help you release tension from this upper back, keep you nice and relaxed. It can help define the muscles in this area and just keep you loose, and smiling, and happy. So I want to say thank you for joining us here today. That's a little bit about shoulder shrugs. Do them whenever and wherever you can. They'll make you feel a whole lot better. This is Lola from Yoga Lola signing off.


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