Stretches to Help Loosen the Back

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A variety of different stretches are great for loosening up various parts of your back. Learn about stretches that will help loosen the back with help from a certified yoga teacher and healer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lola from Yoga Lola Studios, and we're here today to show you two wonderful exercises to help loosen the back. So many people carry so much stress in their back and they get lower back aches, upper back aches. These two exercises will show you how to really loosen yourself from the bottom of the spine to the top. The first exercise we're gonna do is called spinal flex. So, you'll see that I'm sitting in a cross-legged position, you can also do this from the chair with your feet flat on the floor, but, in this position, you're sitting on the floor and it's called Easy Pose, the legs are crossed. So, you bring up your right hand and you take it to the right shin. Then you take your left hand over and you take it to the left shin. Rolling the shoulders back, those shoulder blades start out flat in the back. In this position, you inhale and it's as though you're being pulled by a string from the heart center, you arch all the way through, really opening up that heart. On the exhale, you pull back, and you pull the navel towards the spine. So, inhaling forward, exhaling back. And one thing you wanna make sure that you don't do is that you don't allow the head to bob up and down. You'll notice that my head is steady. And then to finish, inhale deep, with a big smile on your face. It feels so good, exhale, rock back, and then create a flat back to complete the exercise. And, we're gonna do our second exercise now for strengthening and helping to loosen the back. This exercise is called Cat Cow, and it's a wonderful exercise to do. It can take a few minutes to get the hang of it, so just take your time when you first start. Coming from this position, I'm going to come down onto all fours. Now, notice that my knee and my hip are in alignment with each other, and the way I'm bringing my hands down, I'll have my wrist aligned with my elbow, which is aligned with my shoulder. My fingers are deeply spread and my palms are flat on the floor. So facing forward with my spine strait, I start by dropping down from the pelvis and then arching up through the back. Bring up the chin, I'm rolling my eyes up towards the crown. I'm inhaling. On the exhale, again, I'm starting from the pelvis, I'm beginning to curl it under, I'm bringing my belly button up towards the spine, I'm pushing through the sides of my hands and I am tucking my chin into my chest. And then again, starting from the pelvis, dropping down, inhale, exhale. Inhaling, exhaling. And then, completing the exercise, I return to a flat back with my head level to my neck, step up with my feet and come back on my heels. Thank you for joining us today for stretches to loosen the back. We hope that you can join the two exercises that we shared with you today and we look forward to being with you again, sometime very soon. Kamsamida.


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