Healthy Meals That Contain Lipids & Proteins

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Many healthy meals contain both lipids and proteins, which are necessary for a balanced diet. Find out about healthy meals that contain lipids and proteins with help from a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Laura Cipullo, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator. Today, we're making a simple dish, something with a healthy fat and protein. A healthy fat is also called a lipid. We're going to start with three cups of watercress, two cups of spinach, two, four ounce salmon fillets, precooked, one-half cup of strawberries, one-half cup of red onion, one-eighth cup of red wine vinegar or you can use a balsamic vinegar. Two tablespoons of honey, one-fourth cup of almonds and then, one-third cup of olive oil. And optional is quinoa, it's a green that's higher in protein. So, we're still sticking with the protein and healthy fat theme. First, you want to take your red wine vinegar, and combine it with your olive oil. After you stir the olive oil and vinegar, you're going to add the almonds to a larger bowl and the honey, and you can do this to coat. The almonds are actually high in monounsaturated fats, which again is a healthier fat. So, this whole recipe is using healthy fats. Omega three is from the salmon and monounsaturated fats from the almonds. But you can even switch this for a different type of nut, hazel nuts, peanuts. And then, we're going to combine all of these ingredients into a larger salad bowl. Using two different types of greens, the spinach and the watercress adds flavor and of course, nutrition. All the dark green leafy vegetables are very high in vitamin A. Then, you're going to add your onions and your strawberries. You can add the quinoa, if you want to, we're going to add it today. And remember, quinoa is a higher protein grain, so if you're someone that has diabetes or you're worried about insulin resistance. Using quinoa is much better than using pasta or rice. And then, you're going to add your dressing and your nuts. It's a beautiful colored salad. Again, and the salad is the monounsaturated fats from almonds and also from the olive oil. And then, we're going to plate this with a piece of salmon, which is high in omega-three fatty acids. When people talk about fish oil being beneficial, you get it form salmon, trout, tuna. You need to have the fish form, the omega-three fatty acid to have the heart protective and other beneficial effects. If you don't buy your salmon precooked, you can always buy two, four ounce fillets of wild salmon. And cook them at about 350 degrees for about ten, maybe 15 minutes. Again, you want it opaque and you want to start seeing some of the white fats coming out of the salmon, because that's the omega-three. So, you're going to first take your salad and plate it, and I'm just plating a small portion, today. But this salad is actually meant for dinner and it's for two people. So, each person has about two and a half cups of salad greens and there are four ounces of salmon. I'm Laura Cipullo, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator. Today, we made a simple salad with a healthy fat and a lean protein. For more information on eating healthy, visit us on Facebook at Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services.


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